Zoe Taylor

Zoe Taylor

British, epileptic, brain tumor victim.
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Zoe Taylor
  2. Early Life
  3. The Battle with Epilepsy
  4. The Diagnosis and Treatment
  5. The Ketogenic Diet

Biography of Zoe Taylor

Zoe Taylor, a British woman, was an epileptic and a victim of a brain tumor. The brain cancer that caused Zoe Taylor's epilepsy couldn't be defeated by any surgeons; other procedures offered some relief, but complete healing was not possible. Unexpectedly, a radical change in her diet turned out to be effective in battling the dangerous tumor.

Early Life

Zoe Taylor experienced her first epileptic seizure at the age of 33, which became the most terrifying experience of her life. At that time, Taylor already had two children, whom she gave birth to without any pain relief. According to Zoe, the pain during childbirth was like a gentle breeze compared to the pain of an epileptic seizure. She couldn't imagine the intensity of such agony before.

The Battle with Epilepsy

The seizures for Zoe Taylor started in her tongue; strange sensations forced her to open her mouth wide. Zoe exhaled all the air from her lungs but couldn't inhale again. Along with the breathlessness, Taylor experienced uncontrolled spasms and jerking of her entire body, which eventually led to loss of consciousness. Unfortunately, this was not the last encounter with epilepsy for Zoe. She had similar intense seizures approximately every six weeks, with smaller but still unpleasant episodes occurring up to 10 times a day. Taylor gradually lost sensation in her jaws and experienced extreme fatigue and emotional instability after the seizures.

The Diagnosis and Treatment

Zoe's diagnosis was not a cause for celebration; she was found to have a brain tumor. Although the tumor was growing slowly, it complicated her situation as surgical removal was not an option. Taylor was informed that she could still live for many more years in her current condition, but predicting the behavior of the tumor was difficult. At any moment, it could suddenly become more aggressive, significantly reducing her life expectancy. Radiotherapy could potentially help Zoe, but only half of patients with aggressive brain tumors manage to live longer than a year.

The Ketogenic Diet

In the battle against brain cancer, standard treatment options include surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, and medication for epilepsy. Zoe also took epilepsy medication, which had an incredible effect. However, she attributed her success not only to medication but also to a special diet she followed recently. The so-called "ketogenic diet" is typically used to help children with brain diseases, but it sometimes produces a magical effect in adults as well. Although there is currently no scientific evidence to support the effectiveness of such diets against cancer, some believe that a healthy diet, including fruits and vegetables, may aid in fighting the disease.

The ketogenic diet involves minimizing carbohydrate intake while maintaining regular protein consumption and increasing fat intake. This forces the body to produce ketones as an alternative source of energy, as the liver starts actively metabolizing stored fat. This process is believed to have a calming effect on the brain and reduce the frequency of seizures. Although trials have shown promising results in 40% of children treated with this diet, studies on adults are still limited. Some scientists remain skeptical of its effectiveness, but Zoe Taylor has no doubts about the efficacy of the treatment she underwent.