Alexander Shusterovich

Alexander Shusterovich

Reputable American businessman.
Country: USA

Alexander Shusterovich: An Influential American Businessman

Alexander Shusterovich is a prominent and respected American businessman. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 11 and later became involved in the publishing industry in his former homeland, including the Russian-language edition of "Penthouse" magazine.

In 1992, Shusterovich met Minister Mikhailov during the latter's visits to the United States and served as his personal translator. A couple of years later, Shusterovich was listed as a foreign representative of the Russian government in the US Department of Justice. It was around the same time that Shusterovich was pushed into a uranium deal as a representative of a certain "SP".

After familiarizing himself with the intricacies of the nuclear business, Shusterovich emerged as the manager of the "Pleiades" company. He participated in the privatization of the state corporation "USEC," which was announced in 1996. "Pleiades" had the support of the Ministry of Atomic Energy and the Central Bank, and its board of directors included former Secretary of State James Baker and Robert Mosbacher, the Minister of Commerce in the Bush administration. However, Shusterovich never received any shares.

Firstly, he faced strong competition, and secondly, the sudden appearance of "Pleiades" in the uranium market raised suspicions among the locals, akin to an outsider entering a rural club: at first, people are surprised, then they attack. The US Department of State expressed its surprise officially, and almost immediately, the attacks turned physical. Shusterovich's excessive activity gave the Americans an opportunity to accuse the Russian side of misconduct.