Amanda Beard

Amanda Beard

American swimmer, 2008 Olympic competitor
Date of Birth: 29.10.1981
Country: USA

  1. Amanda Bird Biography
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Sports Career
  4. Personal Life
  5. Charitable Work

Amanda Bird Biography

Amanda Bird is a well-known American athlete and promising swimmer. She is currently a member of the United States national team, representing the country at the 2008 Summer Olympics in Beijing.

Early Life and Education

Amanda Bird was born on October 29, 1981, in Irvine, California. She started swimming at a young age and attended Irvine High School before going on to college in Arizona.

Sports Career

Amanda's sports career developed rapidly, with numerous significant achievements to her name. She participated in the Olympics three times and became the second youngest American swimmer in history to win an Olympic medal. In 1996, at the age of only fourteen, Amanda impressed the judges and won two silver medals and one gold medal. She continued her success in 2003 when she won a world title.

In 2004, at the Athens Olympics, Amanda became the first female champion in breaststroke swimming for the United States since 1968. She won a gold medal in the 200-meter breaststroke event. She also achieved notable accomplishments such as being an Olympic Festival champion in 1995 (in the 100 and 200-meter breaststroke events), a six-time National A Team member, and part of the All-Star Team. Amanda has also received various awards, including the Performance Award at the 1995 U.S. Open Championships.

Personal Life

Amanda comes from a family of athletes, with parents who were also involved in sports. She has two sisters who are also swimmers, as well as a dog, two cats, two rabbits, and four birds. In her free time outside of swimming, Amanda enjoys spending time with her family and engaging in other activities. She occasionally works as a model and a television correspondent. Her hobbies include surfing, cycling, shopping, watching movies, and reading books.

Charitable Work

Amanda is actively involved in charitable activities and supports organizations such as Carly's Crossing and Defenders of Wildlife. She regularly gives speeches and presentations to raise awareness and support these causes.