Andreas Gerster

Andreas Gerster

Football player
Date of Birth: 24.11.1982
Country: Liechtenstein

  1. Andreas Gerster - Lichtenstein Footballer
  2. A Memorable Match Against Russia
  3. The Challenge Against Germany
  4. The Match Against Russia
  5. Hoping for a Victory
  6. A Semi-Amateur Team Against Football Stars
  7. Aiming for the Unexpected

Andreas Gerster - Lichtenstein Footballer

Andreas Gerster is a midfielder for the Lichtenstein national football team. He rose to fame four years ago when he played a memorable match against the Russian national team, which ended in a 2-1 victory for Lichtenstein. In an interview, Gerster shared his thoughts on the upcoming match against Russia and his career as a footballer.

Andreas Gerster

A Memorable Match Against Russia

When asked about the match against Russia, Gerster admitted that it was one of the best matches in his career. However, he mentioned that their draw against Portugal with a score of 2-2 was his personal favorite. Gerster believes that they gave the vice-European champions a tough time during that match.

Andreas Gerster

The Challenge Against Germany

Gerster acknowledged the challenging match against Germany, which they lost 4-0. He mentioned that considering their team's capabilities and Germany's strength, the result was relatively satisfactory. Gerster believes that if they hadn't conceded quick goals at the beginning of each half, the score could have been more respectable.

Andreas Gerster

The Match Against Russia

Moving on to the upcoming match against Russia, Gerster anticipates a tough game. However, he believes that playing at home will be an advantage for Lichtenstein. He expects that the Russian team won't exert the same level of pressure as the Germans did, and Lichtenstein might even take the initiative to attack.

Andreas Gerster

Hoping for a Victory

Gerster remains optimistic, stating that they have previously scored against Russia and will aim to please their fans with a goal this time as well. Although he acknowledges the difficulty of winning against Russia, Gerster believes that showing a worthy performance and playing attacking football against them would be a good result for a team with many amateur players.

A Semi-Amateur Team Against Football Stars

When asked about playing against star players, Gerster admits that it is challenging. However, he emphasizes the determination of their team to play and compete against any opponent. Gerster recognizes the individual talents of Russian players like Arshavin, Pavlyuchenko, and Zhirkov but believes that the real strength of the Russian team lies in their exceptional teamwork.

Aiming for the Unexpected

Gerster concludes by expressing his team's determination to fight against the Russian team, regardless of their names or reputations. He believes that if they manage to achieve a miraculous victory against a football powerhouse like Russia, it will be a historic moment that will be remembered for years to come.