Annie Woud

Annie Woud

Dutch contralto concert singer
Country: Netherlands

  1. Biography of Annie Vaud
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Career
  4. Collaboration with Willem Mengelberg
  5. Legacy
  6. Death

Biography of Annie Vaud

Annie Vaud was a Dutch concert singer and contralto who achieved great success and popularity as a concert performer.

Annie Woud

Early Life and Education

Annie Vaud was born in 1901 in Haarlem, a major industrial city in the western Netherlands. She began studying music in her hometown and later went to Vienna, where she became a student of Irene Schlemmer-Ambros, a renowned vocal teacher who had produced many famous students.


Annie Vaud made her debut in 1929 in Vienna, where she performed Gustav Mahler's Eighth Symphony. Although she never sang on the opera stage, she gained considerable success and popularity as a concert performer. Vaud regularly toured in Germany, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, and other European countries. She also had performances in South America.

Collaboration with Willem Mengelberg

Annie Vaud often collaborated with Dutch conductor Willem Mengelberg. With her flexible, agile, and richly resonant voice, she rightfully earned a reputation as the most prominent contralto of her generation.


Annie Vaud's repertoire was limited due to the scarcity of suitable roles for contraltos on the opera stage. However, her talent shone on the concert stage, where she performed classical and folk songs, oratories, and other vocal-orchestral and choral works. She became highly regarded for her captivating performances and received widespread acclaim.


Annie Vaud passed away in 1989, leaving behind a legacy as one of the most renowned contraltos of her time.