Anya Kanani Rozova

Anya Kanani Rozova

American model of Russian origin
Date of Birth: 03.01.1989
Country: USA

Biography of Anya Kanani Rozova

Anya Kanani Rozova, an American model of Russian descent, gained fame under the pseudonym 'Anya Kop' during her participation in the tenth cycle of the popular American reality show 'America's Next Top Model'. However, she later decided to use her native surname for her modeling career.

Anya Kanani Rozova

Born in St. Petersburg, Russia, Anya was adopted at the age of four by Mike Kop and Bal Patterson. She grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, where she also completed her schooling. During her high school years, Anya developed a passion for Hawaiian dance and was a member of the Polynesian Club.

Anya Kanani Rozova

Anya's modeling career began at the age of 18 when she was invited to a private party to showcase outfits from 'Louis Vuitton'. She went on to work with renowned brands such as 'Chanel', 'Jeanie Chun', and 'Fendi'. However, it was her participation in the tenth cycle of 'America's Next Top Model' that brought her immense success. Anya reached the final and narrowly missed out on winning the competition to Whitney Thompson. Nevertheless, she impressed the judges throughout the show with her charisma and sense of style.

After the show, Anya started her modeling journey under the guidance of the Hawaiian modeling agency 'More Models & Talent'. Her second-place finish in 'America's Next Top Model' allowed her to secure a contract with the renowned New York-based agency 'Elite Model Management'. Currently, Anya is represented by 'Wilhelmina Models' in New York and 'Style International Management' in Hong Kong. She has built an impressive portfolio with numerous successful photoshoots.

Anya has been featured in various publications, including the Hawaiian edition of 'Midweek' in April 2008 and the 'Swimsuit Edition' in June 2008. She also collaborated with the online fashion catalog 'Gilt Groupe', distributing products from brands such as 'Tibi', 'Habitual', 'Greenbeads', and 'Vera Wang'. Anya's work has been showcased in magazines like 'Level Magazine', 'Nylon Magazine', 'Elle' (Hong Kong), 'Cosmogirl' (Hong Kong), 'Marie Claire' (Hong Kong), 'Daily Sun', 'Ming Pao Weekly', 'Jessica Magazine', 'Zip Magazine', 'Apple Daily', 'Wedding de Luxe', 'Pd! Girl', 'Me! Magazine', 'Showcase Fashion', and 'HIM Magazine'.

Anya has also made a name for herself as a runway model. She has walked in shows such as 'Fashion Shenzen', 'Taipei in Style', 'In Full Bloom', 'HK Young Fashion Designers' Contest 2009', 'Brands Collection Show I', and the '9th Footwear Design Competition Awards'. In New York Fashion Week, Anya showcased designs from 'Nuj Novakhett' and 'Julian Louie'. Additionally, she appeared on the TV show 'The Fashion Show', modeling one of the designer collections.

Apart from 'America's Next Top Model' and 'The Fashion Show', Anya has made appearances on other television projects as well. She appeared on 'The Tyra Banks Show' on September 16, 2008, and worked on a British fashion channel in March 2009. In August, Anya became one of Kathleen Vaughn's models in the fourth season of the reality show 'Project Runway'.