Bart Swings

Bart Swings

Belgian speed skater and roller sprinter
Date of Birth: 12.02.1991
Country: Belgium

  1. Biography of Bart Swings
  2. Belgian Speed Skater and Roller Skater
  3. Early Life
  4. Roller Skating Success
  5. Transition to Speed Skating
  6. Continued Success
  7. World Games Victory
  8. World Championship Bronze
  9. Conclusion

Biography of Bart Swings

Belgian Speed Skater and Roller Skater

Early Life

Bart Swings is a Belgian speed skater and roller skater. He was born on February 12, 1991, in Leuven, Belgium. From a young age, Swings showed a natural talent for skating and quickly developed a passion for the sport.

Roller Skating Success

From 2009 to 2011, Swings became a multiple-time European and World champion in various distances in roller skating. His dedication and exceptional skills brought him numerous victories and recognition in the roller skating community.

Transition to Speed Skating

In 2011, Swings made the transition to speed skating and started competing in international tournaments. He participated in the World Single Distance Championships that year and secured the 17th place in the 5000-meter event.

Continued Success

In 2012, Swings achieved a top-ten finish in the European Championships and the World Championships in the classical all-round event, placing tenth and ninth, respectively. He continued to make strides in his speed skating career and reached his first podium finish in the 1500-meter event at the second stage of the World Cup in the 2012/2013 season.

World Games Victory

The year 2013 proved to be a breakthrough for Swings as he won two gold medals at the World Games in roller skating, solidifying his status as one of the top athletes in the sport.

World Championship Bronze

In the same year, Swings achieved a significant milestone by winning the bronze medal in the classical all-round event at the World Championships. This accomplishment further established his reputation as a formidable speed skater.


Bart Swings' passion and dedication to skating have propelled him to success in both roller skating and speed skating. His achievements at various international competitions have cemented his status as one of Belgium's most accomplished athletes in the sport. As he continues to compete, Swings remains a formidable force on the ice, constantly striving for excellence.