Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix

Date of Birth: 24.11.1980
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Beth Phoenix
  2. Debut and Early Career
  3. Controversies and Success
  4. Scandals and Championships
  5. Determination and Victories

Biography of Beth Phoenix

Beth Phoenix was born on November 24, 1980, in New York. Her real name is Elizabeth Carolan née Kocanski. She began her wrestling career in high school, participating in a wrestling club. At the age of 19, she won two tournaments: the Northeast Freestyle Women's Championship in the 72 kg weight category in 1999 and the New York State tournament in the same year. Several newspapers hailed Beth Phoenix as the most outstanding discovery of 1999, and since then she decided to pursue professional wrestling.

Debut and Early Career

Beth initially debuted as a support group for wrestler Chris Masters at a wrestling championship in Ohio in 2004. Over the next couple of years, she appeared on TV and at championships either as part of a support group for a wrestler or as a manager. However, she stopped appearing in this capacity after her performance in 2006 at the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) championship.

Controversies and Success

Beth Phoenix fully justifies her nickname. Unlike other female wrestlers, Beth returns to the ring after injuries and surgeries, and she does it quite successfully. Like all female wrestlers, Beth has been stitched with metal plates in various places, but as she says, "Metal attracts gold." And the most amazing thing is that Beth actually achieves success in the ring regardless of the number of injuries she has sustained. Not many people can do that.

Scandals and Championships

Beth has been involved in several scandals due to her aggressive nature. In 2006, she attacked wrestling champion Mickie James from behind, forcing her to retire. Former wrestling champion Trish Stratus noticed the attack and explained to the public that it was due to a long-standing conflict between the two friends. Trish announced Beth as the new diva of the ring. Beth went on to team up with renowned wrestler Torrie Wilson and made controversial statements about Mickie James, calling her a crazy person who ruined her life.

Determination and Victories

Beth's determination and resilience were evident when she won a match against the undefeated Victoria with a broken jaw. Despite the intense pain, Beth secured the victory. She went on to win the women's championships in wrestling in 2007 and 2008. Beth's jaw is now filled with platinum plates, but it hasn't hindered her success in the ring.