Dan Marsh

Dan Marsh

Professional wrestler and also a referee.
Date of Birth: 28.03.1956
Country: Canada

Biography of Dan Marsh

Dan Marsh, a professional wrestler and referee, was born on March 28, 1956, in Ontario, Canada. From an early age, he was passionate about wrestling and eventually pursued a career in the sport. Marsh aimed to achieve remarkable victories and become a champion.

Dan Marsh

In 1982, Marsh came across an advertisement for a wrestling school in a Toronto newspaper and immediately decided to enroll. His first trainer was Phil Watson, who taught him the fundamentals of fighting and proper behavior in the ring, helping him become a true professional. Although Marsh had excellent training, his early wrestling performances were not successful, with only a few matches ending in his favor.

After some time, Marsh decided to try himself as a referee. To his surprise, he found much greater success in this role than in his athletic career. However, Marsh eventually returned to the ring, hoping for better luck and greater achievements. Indeed, he began to perform much better than before, winning one match after another and gaining popularity among his fans. Marsh earned the nickname "Dangerous" due to his impressive skills, and facing him in the ring meant a tough battle for many wrestlers, resulting in defeat in most cases.

Later on, Marsh resumed his role as a referee, where he also achieved significant success and became one of the most famous referees in the industry. When Marsh finally decided to retire for good, it left a majority of wrestling fans in despair, as they admired his talent and contributions to the sport.