Bob Saget

Bob Saget

American director
Date of Birth: 17.05.1956
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Bob Saget
  2. Early Success
  3. Acting Career
  4. Directorial Works
  5. Continued Acting Career

Biography of Bob Saget

Robert Lane "Bob" Saget, better known as Bob Saget, was born in 1956 in Philadelphia. He grew up in a family that had no connection to the world of arts - his mother worked as an administrator in a hospital, and his father managed a supermarket. After graduating from Abington Senior High School (the family was living in California at that time), Bob returned to Philadelphia, where he planned to continue his education and become a doctor. However, his English teacher, who saw his immense creative potential, convinced him to try a different path. Thus, becoming a student at Temple University's film school, Bob Saget chose the world of cinema.

Early Success

During his studies, Bob Saget directed his first black and white film, "Through Adam's Eyes", about a boy who underwent facial plastic surgery. This film earned him his first award, the "Student Academy Awards", in 1978.

Acting Career

In 1979, Bob Saget landed his first major acting role in Norman J. Warren's film, "In the Open Space". He also ventured into stand-up comedy and performed concerts across the country. In 1987, he joined the television show "Full House" as the host. In 1991, he was invited to host the show "America's Funniest Home Videos", where he worked until 1995. After that, he returned to performing on stage and in various entertainment venues.

Directorial Works

In 1996, Bob Saget directed his own film, "For Hope", which was inspired by the tragic death of his sister. He followed this with the television movie "Jitters" in 1997, and in 1998, he had a big success with the comedy film "Dirty Work". The plot revolves around the adventures of two hapless guys trying to earn money. In 2000, he directed the television film "Becoming Dick". In 2006, Bob Saget directed the comedy film "Farce of the Penguins", where the main characters are penguins named Carl and Jimmy. They actively participate in the annual mating ritual: finding a mate, laying eggs, disappearing in search of food for months, and never meeting their partner again. However, in Saget's film, the usual course of events takes a dramatic turn. With the slogan "Sensational material about the backstage life of penguins", the film becomes a sensation and achieves great box office success worldwide. In this film (as well as in several others), Bob Saget also serves as a producer.

Continued Acting Career

Despite his directorial projects, Bob Saget continues to act actively - he has nearly thirty roles to his credit, as well as regular participation in various television shows.