Bobby Qureshi

Bobby Qureshi

British ophthalmologist-surgeon
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Bobby Kureshi
  2. Controversy and Investigation
  3. Clientele and Innovations
  4. Allegations and Complaints
  5. Testimonies and Criticisms
  6. Additional Controversies
  7. Ongoing Investigation
  8. Conclusion

Biography of Bobby Kureshi

Bobby Kureshi is a renowned British ophthalmic surgeon who gained fame for his work in saving actress June 'Dot' Brown from blindness. He is the founder of the London Eye Clinic and has been practicing ophthalmology for many years.

Bobby Qureshi

Controversy and Investigation

Recently, the General Medical Council (GMC) began investigating Bobby Kureshi's medical practice due to growing concerns regarding his treatment of patients with age-related macular degeneration (AMD). Many patients, mostly aged 70 to 80, claimed that the widely performed eye surgery, costing £25,000 and conducted at the London Eye Clinic, did not significantly improve their vision. They alleged that they were not adequately informed about the potential ineffectiveness of the procedure. As a result of the preliminary hearing, restrictions were imposed on Kureshi's practice until further investigations are conducted.

Bobby Qureshi

Clientele and Innovations

Bobby Kureshi's clientele includes prominent figures such as actress June Brown, known for her role as Dot Cotton in the BBC soap opera 'EastEnders,' and socialite Annabel Goldsmith. He has invested significant resources in advertising and promotional activities to promote his innovative artificial lenses, including 'iolAMD' and 'EyeMax Mono.' These implants were developed to provide hope to millions of British individuals suffering from AMD, one of the leading causes of blindness in people over 55 years old.

Bobby Qureshi

Allegations and Complaints

The investigation into Bobby Kureshi's practice revealed aggressive sales tactics targeting vulnerable and elderly clients, as well as numerous complaints about the effectiveness of his techniques and poor service at the clinic. The Macular Society, a charitable organization responsible for collecting evidence, received complaints from 20 former patients of Kureshi.

Testimonies and Criticisms

Several patients shared their negative experiences, claiming that the implanted lenses did not improve their vision as promised. One patient, who wished to remain anonymous, spent £25,000 on 'iolAMD' lenses in 2014, only to find them completely ineffective. Another patient, Leon Lyons, had to replace his lenses due to blurred vision caused by the initial implantation. Olive Brennan, a 92-year-old patient, paid £12,000 for 'EyeMax' implants but experienced no improvements after the surgery. Relatives of the patients expressed their dissatisfaction with Kureshi's practice.

Additional Controversies

The investigation also uncovered controversies regarding the clinic's promotion of their vitamin supplement called 'MacuLEH Light.' The supplement, costing £90 for a three-month supply, claimed to delay the progression of AMD but lacked substantial evidence of its effectiveness. Some clinical groups associated with the GMC refused to endorse this product due to the lack of proof.

Ongoing Investigation

Bobby Kureshi's professional conduct is currently under investigation by the General Medical Council. While no full hearing has been scheduled yet, the council confirmed that Kureshi is under scrutiny. Kureshi's spokesperson maintained that he is cooperating fully with the GMC and believes he will be fully vindicated.


Bobby Kureshi, a well-known ophthalmic surgeon, is facing allegations and an investigation into his medical practice. The controversy surrounding his treatment of patients with AMD has raised concerns about the effectiveness of his surgical techniques and the level of care provided at the London Eye Clinic. The ongoing investigation will determine the outcome of these allegations and the future of Kureshi's medical career.