Chas Pik

Chas Pik

Rock band
Country: Russia

Biography of Chas Pik

In the late 90s, Vladimir Paramonov came up with the idea to revive "Chas Pik" (Rush Hour). The reunion of old friends was very warm. In the late 70s, the band "Panorama" appeared on the Soviet rock scene. At that time, musicians could only play electric guitars and drums if their songs had an ideological subtext, propaganda of the socialist way of life, condemnation of global capitalism, etc. Many bands existed as ensembles of political songs and expressed protest against anything in the world except what concerned our country. Abroad, there were also many ensembles of political songs. But for them, political songs were a fight not for some abstract rights, but for the specific rights of every individual. Even for "The Beatles," "Lady Madonna" was essentially a political song, permeated with warmth for an unhappy woman who lacked social protection, any benefits, and could only struggle to feed her children. In our country, musicians performed songs to the lyrics of Soviet poets, there were songs to the lyrics of patriotic fighters like Viktor Khara and others. Sometimes they included something of their own in the repertoire. This was the only way to get the "green light" from the "ruling authorities," and the ensemble "Panorama" went this way. The band performed at a very high level, touring many countries, performing at various festivals, including youth and student festivals in Havana, Berlin, Prague, Hungary, Finland, etc. In 1979, Vladimir Paramonov joined "Panorama". By that time, the musician already had a rich experience of working in amateur collectives. He started, like many, with school ensembles that performed their traditional English-language repertoire at dances and student evenings. At one of the weddings at the "Crystal" cafe, Vladimir Paramonov met Boris Parshin, who invited him to "Panorama".

In 1981, the band "Panorama" was noticed by Leonid Osipovich Utesov and invited the musicians for an audition. At that time, Utesov came up with the original idea of ​​incorporating a rock band into his jazz band. "Panorama" was invited to fill this role. In 1982, the paths of the musicians crossed with Vyacheslav Dobrynin. "Panorama" left the State Orchestra under the direction of L. O. Utesov and came under the direction of Vyacheslav Dobrynin. From that moment, the history of the band "Chas Pik" began.

The name "Chas Pik" appeared in 1982, thanks to Vyacheslav Dobrynin. From the same year, the band "Chas Pik" officially started its existence. The group was invited to work in the Vladimir Philharmonic, as was customary at that time. The first tour of the band "Chas Pik" took place in Sochi. The performance took place in the "Festival" hall together with the Estonian band "Vitamin". By that time, "Chas Pik" had prepared a new program that included songs by Vyacheslav Dobrynin and the musicians themselves. Vladimir Paramonov wrote his first songs back in 1973. In the early 80s, he started writing more and more, and eventually the musicians embarked on an independent journey. With Dobrynin, "Chas Pik" parted as friends.

From 1983, the band "Chas Pik" started working independently. Of course, during this time, the group was managed by talented directors such as Felix Katz, Leonid Melamedman, and others. At that time, the "new wave" began in the West, and "Chas Pik" became one of the pioneers of the "new wave" in our country. Soon, the band started performing at the largest concert venues and stadiums in our country, such as the Olympic Sports Complex, all the Luzhniki sports palaces, the Sports and Concert Complex in Leningrad, etc. Since "Chas Pik" was included in the list of bands banned from being shown on television and listened to on the radio, the musicians could not release a record on "Melodiya," unless they gave the copyright of their songs to the employees of the company. "Chas Pik" chose not to go down that path, preferring to remain a live performance band. They had the opportunity to perform at the Olympic Sports Complex with Alla Borisovna Pugacheva. In the "Olympic," "Chas Pik" performed more than ten concert programs. Twice a year, the band traveled to Leningrad, where they performed at the Sports and Concert Complex. "Chas Pik" always filled large halls. For the members of the band, it was not a problem to "warm up" a 20-30 thousand-seat hall. It was difficult at that time to classify "Chas Pik" as rock; they were a funny, amusing team that did not claim seriousness and made their performances a bright show. From 1982 to 1987, "Chas Pik" toured the whole country, from Murmansk to the Far East - it was an extremely intense period of touring.

In 1987, the band "Chas Pik" faced a crisis. The Soviet Union entered a phase of heavy metal fashion, and the bright energy of "Chas Pik" was not in demand at the time. The band members went their separate ways. Mikhail Seryshev joined the band "Master," Alexander Mittelman and Igor Vasin emigrated from the country, and the leader of the band, Vladimir Paramonov, was invited to the ensemble "Plamya" (Flame), replacing Valery Shapovalov. The rest of the members formed the core of the collectives of A. Barykin and I. Sarukhanov. The breakup of the band was not officially announced. There was an attempt by the Philharmonic management to gather some new lineup under the name "Chas Pik," which lasted for a year or a year and a half and eventually fell apart. It seemed that the band "Chas Pik" had ceased to exist, but...

In the late 90s, Vladimir Paramonov came up with the idea to revive "Chas Pik". The reunion of old friends was very warm. The band started playing in clubs occasionally but faced a number of problems. The powerful show of "Chas Pik," accustomed to performing in large stadiums, did not fit well in the club format, where people mainly come to relax and have a beer. After working for a while, the musicians decided to record an album that would reflect the band's creativity from 1982 to 1987. The fact is, despite their active concert work, the band did not release any official records. Of course, there were recordings made at concerts that circulated for all these years, but they were usually low-quality tapes made on regular tape recorders.

After selecting the best songs for the album, the band members began recording. In order for the album to see the light of day, they had to go through a long and difficult path. The recording was delayed several times, and everything had to be redone. Initially, the work was carried out at Evgeny Drozdov's studio, where Vladimir Paramonov practically recorded the blanks of the future songs single-handedly. Then he worked in a studio provided by the band "Doctor Watson." The final part of the work was done at the band's rehearsal base.

At the presentation of the album by the band "Doctor Watson," where "Chas Pik" was invited as friends, there was a meeting with representatives of the recording company "ROFF TECHNOLOGIES." It turned out that the people working for this company knew and remembered the band's work. They offered Vladimir Paramonov to release an album by the band.

In 2001, the album "Krugovorot" (Rotation) was released. The album included compositions that the band performed at concerts.

The presentation took place at the "Golden Palace" casino, where "Chas Pik" performed together with Alexander Barykin, Nadezhda Babkina, "Ex BB," Yuri Davydov, Sergei Mudrov, and many others who love this band. "Kruiz" (Cruise) - long-time partners of "Chas Pik" on stage, as well as the ensemble "Plamya 2000," where Vladimir Paramonov also performs alongside his work in his own band, attended the event.

Currently, "Chas Pik" performs concerts and is preparing to record a new album.

As of today, the band "Chas Pik" consists of:
Vladimir Paramonov - guitar, vocals, lyricist
Mikhail Seryshev - vocals
Igor Shalnev - bass
Vladimir Dol'skiy - drums