Chaunte Howard

Chaunte Howard

American track and field athlete, 2008 Olympic participant
Date of Birth: 12.01.1984
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Chont Howard
  2. Olympic Journey and Challenges

Biography of Chont Howard

Chont Howard, born on January 12, 1984, in Templeton, California, is an American track and field athlete specializing in high jump. She began dreaming of an Olympic career at the age of four when she watched the Seoul Olympic Games on television. In high school, Chont started training in athletics, with her coach focusing on her sprinting abilities. However, her doubts about her sport direction disappeared when she achieved a height of 1.52 meters in high jump. From that moment on, she dedicated her efforts to high jump, with some time also allocated for sprinting.

To train with the best coaches and attend top educational institutions, Chont Howard moved frequently from one city to another. Despite missing her home, her family remained her utmost priority.

After completing high school, Chont enrolled at the Georgia Institute of Technology, where she earned a degree in economics and finance. In 2004, she became the champion of the NCAA high jump competition and a four-time ACC champion. She also achieved impressive results in sprint relays.

Olympic Journey and Challenges

In 2004, Chont Howard aimed to qualify for the Olympic Games in Athens. During the qualifying competitions, she cleared a height of 193.04 cm. However, due to her young age, she faced difficulties and was unable to advance in the Olympic trials. In 2005, she achieved second place at the World Championships.

In August 2006, Chont Howard married renowned jumper Mario Lowe. In July 2007, they welcomed their first child, a daughter named Jasmine. During her pregnancy, Chont gained around 9 kilograms, which she successfully shed after eight weeks of giving birth and resumed intensive training. Returning to the world of elite sports became a challenging test for the athlete. It required patience and determination, as her physical condition after childbirth was not at its best. Initially, Chont focused on running during the first two weeks of training, gradually regaining her previous form before continuing her high jump training.

In 2008, Chont Howard successfully qualified and participated in the Beijing Olympics. Her best height in the qualifying round was 1.97 meters.