Christopher Wray

Christopher Wray

American lawyer and politician, former Deputy Attorney General of the United States
Date of Birth: 17.12.1966
Country: USA

Christopher Ray: Biography

Christopher Asher Ray, an American lawyer and politician, is the former Deputy Attorney General of the United States and the current candidate for the position of FBI Director. He was born on December 17, 1966, in New York City, to parents Cecil Ray and Gilda Gates. His father was a partner at the law firm Debevoise & Plimpton, while his mother, a graduate of Phillips Academy in Andover, led programs for The Charles Hayden Foundation.

Christopher Wray

Ray obtained his degree from Yale University in 1989, and then pursued a legal education at the Yale Law School, graduating in 1992. Prior to opening his own practice in Atlanta in 1993, Christopher worked at an appellate court in Virginia for a period of time. He became an Assistant United States Attorney in the Northern District of Georgia in 1997.

Christopher Wray

Continuing his career growth, Ray rose from the position of Assistant Deputy Attorney General of the United States to the role of Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General in 2001. According to an investigation conducted by the research group 'Kfile', which combed through the web archives, certain information from Christopher's biography on the 'King and Spalding' law firm's website was removed in 2017. An archived copy from December 2016 of Ray's biography from the firm shows that he represented the interests of an "energy company president in a criminal investigation initiated by the Russian government." This information was deleted in 2017.

The majority of the changes made to Ray's biography since 2009 have been minor edits and additions. The name of the client is not disclosed in Ray's biography. The representative from 'King and Spalding' also declined to provide the client's name, citing the responsibility to maintain confidentiality of the information they possess. The U.S. Department of Justice also does not plan to provide further details.

'King and Spalding' stated that Ray made changes to his biography in January 2017, before considering the possibility of being appointed to any administrative position. "Chris made this change to his biography, along with other minor edits, in an attempt to make the material more up-to-date. At the time of the revisions on January 12, 2017, there was no mention of his appointment, and Ray could not have anticipated his nomination for the position of FBI Director or any other government position," said 'King and Spalding' spokesperson Michelin Tang. "Furthermore, the statement that was removed from his online biography relates to a case where Chris, 'King and Spalding,' and the client are on the opposite side of the Russian government. Mr. Ray worked on this case in 2006. Other lawyers from the firm worked on the same case in 2006, 2007, and 2011."

Any work that could connect Christopher to Russia will likely be required to be disclosed during Senate hearings. 'King and Spalding' has closely collaborated with numerous companies from different countries, including in the Russian energy sector, as stated on the firm's website. Lawyers from 'King and Spalding' represented the interests of companies involved in deals with 'Rosneft' and 'Gazprom'.

Ray took on the aforementioned case from 2006 after serving in the Criminal Division of the U.S. Department of Justice from 2003 to 2005. In the division, he led a targeted group on corporate fraud and headed the 'Enron' case group.

A week after Donald Trump unexpectedly removed James Comey from the position of FBI Director due to his "unsatisfactory work," the President of the United States nominated Christopher Ray as the new director. Trump called Ray an "impeccably qualified person" and expressed confidence that after Senate approval, the new FBI director "will serve the country, upholding the law and honor."

On August 12, 1989, Christopher married Helen Harrison Howell, the daughter of a Vice President of the First National Bank of Atlanta, who also graduated from Yale University in 1989. The wedding took place at the Episcopal Church of St. Philip.

The couple has two children. Howell is the financial manager of the independent student newspaper 'The Yale Daily News'.