Chuck Lamb

Chuck Lamb

The Man Who Became a Living Corpse
Country: USA

  1. Chuck Lamb: The Eccentric American Who Became the Living Dead
  2. A Life of Surprises
  3. The Birth of a Unique Idea
  4. From Internet Sensation to Stardom
  5. A Rising Star
  6. A Unique Vision

Chuck Lamb: The Eccentric American Who Became the Living Dead

Chuck Lamb, an eccentric American, has turned his life into a true spectacle. He has earned the title of the Most Famous Living Dead by 'dying' numerous times in front of the camera. So, what exactly does Lamb do to gain such strange fame? He simply photographs himself in his own home, staging scenes of gruesome murders.

Chuck Lamb

A Life of Surprises

Chuck Lamb, also known as Chuck, resides in the United States and is 47 years old. He has six children and used to work as a programmer. However, not long ago, he decided to part ways with his job, as his new project, "Playing with Death," consumed too much of his time. Interestingly, he earns quite a good income from this endeavor, approximately $1500 per day. Chuck himself is amazed at how he didn't think of dedicating his entire life to playing the role of the "dead guy, Chuck," sooner.

Chuck Lamb

The Birth of a Unique Idea

It all started quite by accident one evening when Chuck and his wife, Tonya, were watching an episode of "Law & Order: Special Victims Unit." It was then that Chuck suddenly realized he could convincingly portray a dead body. Within a few days, he created a brand-new website called, where Chuck uploaded his own photos, displaying a remarkably realistic portrayal of a corpse. Tonya, who happened to be a photographer, played a vital role in creating realistic murder scenes. Her imagination proved to be just as good as her husband's, if not better. Soon, the "home murder" scenarios they depicted became increasingly authentic, if not more macabre.

Chuck Lamb

From Internet Sensation to Stardom

Chuck Lamb's photographs quickly migrated to viral websites, and today the number of people who have viewed these images is in the millions. Chuck is incredibly satisfied because he believes he has taken a huge step toward the acting career he has always dreamed of. However, he is not interested in playing leading or dramatic roles. His sole desire is to depict dead people on screen. Chuck is also pleased that portraying a dead body does not require any special talent; the ambiance and pose are what matter, and he is becoming increasingly experienced in these aspects. Meanwhile, Tonya continues to create new mixtures for realistic depictions of blood, brains, and other gruesome elements.

Chuck Lamb

A Rising Star

The website has made Chuck Lamb a genuine celebrity. Journalists, always eager for such news, bombarded Chuck with interview requests. Apart from internet portals, he was mentioned on hundreds of radio shows and featured in numerous television news segments. Needless to say, Chuck has become a true internet sensation. Despite this status, he has yet to receive any offers from movie studios, which is ultimately his biggest desire. However, Chuck remains hopeful and confident that his portrayal as the "living dead" will eventually find demand in the film industry.

A Unique Vision

Many people struggle to understand Chuck, and understandably so. It is not surprising that someone who wishes to solely portray dead bodies in movies raises questions about their mental stability. However, after speaking with Chuck, everything falls into place. His corpses are just characters, but characters that he excels at portraying. So, the Most Famous Living Dead continues to await his most significant role in the movies while his photographs continue to conquer the internet.