Corinne Clery

Corinne Clery

French film and television actress.
Date of Birth: 23.03.1950
Country: France

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Biography of Corinne Clery

Corinne Clery is a French film and television actress who was born near Paris. She began her acting career in the late 1960s under the pseudonym Corinne Clery. Her first significant film role was in Joel Le Moigne's "Les Ponettes" (The Ponies) alongside Johnny Holliday and Hubert Wayaffe, whom she married at the age of 17 after the film's production. Clery gained recognition after starring in the French erotic drama "The Story of O" (1975) and also posed for the cover of the French magazine Lui with a copy of the book in her hands. She is also known as the "Bond girl" Corinne Dufour in the film "Moonraker". Most of her subsequent films were shot in Italy in the Italian language.

Selected Filmography

- 1975: "The Story of O"
- 1976: "Bluff"
- 1977: "Hitchhiker: The Beginning or The Bloodstained Hitchhike"
- 1979: "Moonraker"
- 1979: "Humanoïde (film)"
- 1983: "Yor, the Hunter from the Future"
- 1986: "Dangerous Obsession"
- 1990: "Christmas Vacation-90"