Craig Breedlove

Craig Breedlove

Famous inventor, creator of the super-fast tricycle "American Spirit".
Date of Birth: 23.03.1937
Country: USA

Biography of Craig Breedlove

Craig Breedlove, a renowned inventor, is the creator of the super-fast tricycle "Spirit of America". He was born on March 23, 1937, and from a young age, he displayed a tendency towards designing and technical innovations. Craig grew up in California and at the age of fourteen, he introduced his first technical creation to the world, a car. He regularly participated in street races and almost always emerged as the winner, which made him realize his potential for creating exclusive inventions.

In order to turn his plans into reality, Craig needed both funding and assistance. He soon assembled a team and began developing various models for his future masterpiece. After some time, a simple three-wheeled vehicle was chosen as the design. However, it was far from ordinary at first glance.

Despite his determination, capability, and the support of his friends, Craig understood that it would be difficult to achieve success without substantial investments. Therefore, he approached sponsors for financial assistance. The idea appealed to the head of Shell Oil, who decided to bear the expenses. The vehicle was quickly created and thoroughly tested, as any mistakes were unacceptable.

In 1962, the final tests began. Craig Breedlove remained hopeful despite the numerous challenges. A year later, his efforts paid off. In 1963, he achieved several victories and set multiple records. The ultimate record was established in 1965 when Craig's car reached a speed of 966.574 km/h. In 2000, his victory was recognized by the International Motorcycle Federation.

Towards the end of 2006, it was announced that Craig Breedlove was selling his unique vehicle to Steve Fossett, marking the end of his endless pursuit of records. Today, the name of the talented inventor and designer Craig Breedlove is still highly regarded and remembered, as well as his astonishing "Spirit of America".