Cristopher Daniels

Cristopher Daniels

American wrestler
Date of Birth: 24.12.1971
Country: USA

Biography of Christopher Daniels

Christopher Daniels, an American professional wrestler, made his debut in April 1993. Born and raised in Fayetteville, North Carolina, Daniels later moved to Pasadena, California, and then to Chicago, Michigan, to enroll in the Windy City Pro Wrestling school. He was trained by Sam DeSero, Mike Anthony, and Kevin Quinn.

In his debut match in April 1993, Daniels partnered with The Giant and lost to The Manson Brothers. A month later, he defeated Trevor Blanchard and won his first title, the WCPW Middleweight Championship.

Daniels continued to expand his wrestling career, competing in various indie promotions such as World Power Wrestling and Empire Wrestling Federation. In September 1997, he won the heavyweight championships in both promotions.

In 1998, Daniels signed a short-term contract with WWE, occasionally appearing on Shotgun shows. His notable achievement in WWE was being part of the Los Conquistadores team, alongside Aaron Aguilera, during the feud between The Hardy Boyz, Edge, and Christian.

After his stint in WWE, Daniels returned to the indie wrestling scene, competing in WCPW and UPW, where he became the heavyweight champion. He also won the "King of Indies" tournament in APW.

In early 2001, Daniels returned to WCW but was eventually released from the roster. He then had several appearances on WWE Jakked, facing wrestlers like Jerry Lynn, Scott Andrews, Taka Michinoku, and Funaki.

Daniels returned to the indie circuit and became the MCW Tag Team Champion with Reign. He also participated in the NWA Cup tournaments with Jerry Lynn, Elix Skipper, and Chris Sabin, winning the cup in a memorable show.

In June 2002, Daniels signed a contract with NWA-TNA, where he appeared on several shows. He also competed in RoH, becoming the heavyweight and tag team champion.

Daniels had a successful career in TNA, forming the Triple X team with Elix Skipper and winning the NWA Tag Team Championship. He also became the TNA X Division Champion and had notable feuds with AJ Styles and Samoa Joe.

Throughout his career, Daniels has competed in various promotions worldwide, including Japan and Europe, winning titles and gaining recognition for his skills in the ring. He continues to be an influential figure in the professional wrestling industry.