Derek Miles

Derek Miles

American track and field athlete, 2008 Olympic participant
Date of Birth: 28.09.1972
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Derek Miles
  2. Early Life and Athletic Career
  3. Achievements and Setbacks
  4. Olympic Journey and Personal Interests

Biography of Derek Miles

Derek Miles, an American athlete, was born on September 28, 1972, in Sacramento, California. He is one of the elite American athletes specializing in pole vault.

Early Life and Athletic Career

Derek Miles began his involvement in track and field during his school days, where he excelled as a high jumper. Recognizing his potential, his coach suggested that he try pole vaulting. With valuable guidance and training from his high school coach, Derek chose the right direction in his sports career.

In 1996, Derek Miles graduated from the University of South Dakota with a degree in history. He also completed a master's degree in sports from the same university. During his university years, he represented the national team four times. Apart from pole vaulting, Miles also competed in long jump, hurdles, and other events associated with decathlon.

Achievements and Setbacks

In 2000, Derek Miles won third place at the World Championships with a height of 5.63 meters. In 2003, he finished sixth at the same championship. Additionally, he secured second place at the national championship and emerged as the champion at the "U.S. Indoor" competition.

In 2004, Derek Miles participated in the Olympic Games held in Athens, where he placed seventh. However, his career suffered a setback in 2006 when he sustained a serious leg injury, requiring surgical intervention and the installation of a prosthesis. It took him nearly six months to recover from the injury. As a result, he had limited participation in competitions during the 2007 season.

Olympic Journey and Personal Interests

Surprisingly, Derek Miles qualified for the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, showcasing his excellent form and results in the qualifying competitions. He expressed his determination to win and compete against his opponents. In his free time from training, Derek enjoys paragliding, a sport he became interested in through his friend, Tai Harvey, who has been practicing it for ten years. Paragliding allows him to soar above the ground, experience the wind, and feel free. He also has a passion for listening to calm music, watching old movies, and exploring classical and contemporary literature.