Dmitry Pevzner

Dmitry Pevzner

Country: USA

Biography of Dmitry Pevzner

Dmitry Pevzner, also known as Dima Pevzner, is a cult figure of the New York artistic scene. He is a singing actor of his own song theater, where each song is a micro-performance, filled with irony and conflicts that make it true art. Pevzner's songs are praised for their originality and unresolved conflicts, making them truly unique.

Pevzner's talent and artistry have gained recognition from critics and audiences alike. Victor Smolny, a music critic from "Novoe Russkoe Slovo," has praised Pevzner's work and even requested a performance of his song "Dachny Valz."

Despite his success, Pevzner remains humble about his art. He believes that summarizing his lyrics would require rewriting them entirely, as each song is a personal expression of his thoughts and emotions.

Over the years, Pevzner's repertoire has evolved, with only a few early songs remaining in his performances. He estimates that he has written hundreds of songs, with favorites changing over time.

Pevzner's songwriting process is constant, with new ideas and phrases constantly forming in his mind. He sees songwriting as a personal and evolving process, with only a small percentage of his initial ideas being realized into completed songs.

Pevzner's artistic influences extend beyond music. Although not a fan of Salvador Dali, he finds inspiration in artists such as Rene Magritte and Marcel Duchamp.

One of Pevzner's early songs, "Majorova," holds a special significance. Despite the absence of a street with that name in St. Petersburg, the song represents his personal and fictional space, showcasing his unique perspective.

Pevzner does not distinguish between music and lyrics in his songs, considering them as an energetic whole. He believes that a song is a personal and distinctive element, independent of its individual components.

Pevzner welcomes other artists performing his songs and appreciates the various interpretations they bring. He takes pride in seeing his songs performed by others, as it validates his work and creativity.

Comparisons between his work and that of poet Joseph Brodsky have been made, although Pevzner acknowledges their different approaches to songwriting.

Pevzner's view on the classic bard song genre is nuanced. While he appreciates certain classic authors and modern songwriters, he believes that the definition of a classic bard song is subjective and ever-changing.

Pevzner's collaboration with Vadim Luferov and Alik Alabin, where they used a Stradivarius barrel as a musical instrument, was a result of his innovative idea. He admires Alabin's contributions to his music and considers Luferov a unique actor and a pure representative of non-commercialized author songs.

Throughout his career, Pevzner has pursued various artistic endeavors, including film acting, teaching cinematography at New York University, and exploring different countries. His experiences have shaped his artistic identity and enriched his perspective on life.

Returning to Russia, Pevzner seeks to rediscover his roots and explore new creative opportunities. While he remains open to various projects and collaborations, he prefers not to speculate on future plans until they materialize.

Pevzner recently released his new album, "Veshch" ("Thing"). He plans to bring his music to the Toronto audience, including the album, which was printed in Canada.

In conclusion, Pevzner is a multi-talented artist known for his unique approach to songwriting and performance. His music resonates with audiences around the world, and he continues to explore new artistic avenues while staying true to his distinctive style.