Douglas Fregin

Douglas Fregin

Co-founder and vice president of a large company "Operations of Research In Motion Ltd."
Country: Canada

Biography of Douglas Fregin

Douglas Fregin is a Canadian billionaire, talented entrepreneur, and co-founder and vice president of a major company, Operations of Research In Motion Ltd. He is currently actively involved in the activities of the Printed Wiring Boards industry, which studies new technologies in the printing industry.

Fregin obtained an honorary Bachelor of Science and Arts degree from the University of Waterloo. He has a vast knowledge of electronics, which he studied at the University of Windsor. Fregin is known for his excellent knowledge in the field and his interest in the development of various hardware devices.

From 1984 to 1988, Fregin served as vice president of Hardware Design at Research In Motion Ltd. Additionally, in 1985, he also held the position of director in the organization. Throughout his career, Fregin has always relied on his education and deep knowledge.

Fregin's long-standing friendship with renowned businessman Lazaridis has played a significant role in his life. They have been partners and comrades since their school years. When Research In Motion Ltd. was founded, Lazaridis and Fregin reminisced about the past and celebrated the company's rapid success and increasingly growing revenues.

Despite his success, Fregin remains humble and prefers to stay in the background when discussing how it all started. He does not disclose many details about his research work, but he openly acknowledges that he owns 2.7 percent of all shares in Research In Motion Ltd.