John Boyd

John Boyd

Owner and founder of a textile company
Country: Great Britain

  1. John Boyd: Innovator and Textile Manufacturer
  2. From Small Enterprise to Renowned Company
  3. A Keen Observer of the Market
  4. A Leader and Benefactor
  5. Pioneer of Textile Machinery
  6. Continuing Legacy

John Boyd: Innovator and Textile Manufacturer

John Boyd was a Scottish traveling merchant who founded a textile company in 1837. He started by producing superior textiles made from horsehair. As his production expanded, he hired people who made the manufacturing process more efficient.

From Small Enterprise to Renowned Company

In 1851, John's small enterprise was transformed into a large factory, which eventually became a well-known company in 1883. John Boyd, a famous textile manufacturer and innovator, introduced a new weaving production line that is still used today by interior designers and others.

A Keen Observer of the Market

Being a traveling merchant, John Boyd carefully studied the market and understood its needs. He paid particular attention to the value, quality, and positive characteristics of horsehair. He recognized its potential to create excellent fabric, an ideal material for certain products such as carpets.

A Leader and Benefactor

John Boyd was not only a textile producer and innovator, but also an excellent leader who was responsible and caring. He even built houses for his workers. By the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, horsehair fabric became extremely popular, and John Boyd became the principal employer with over two hundred employees.

Pioneer of Textile Machinery

Initially, horsehair fabrics were handwoven, but with the rapid technological progress, corresponding machines were invented. John Boyd even patented one of these looms. His fabrics, manufacturing techniques, and weaving machines are still used in the textile industry today. For example, John Boyd Textiles Ltd, one of the last companies producing horsehair-based products, continues to create stylish, fashionable, and high-quality items.

Continuing Legacy

In 1890, John Boyd passed away, but his fabrics, production methods, and weaving machines are still utilized by representatives of the textile industry. Recently, John Boyd Textiles Ltd was honored with a prestigious award for their outstanding designer booth project, showcasing excellent fabrics made from horsehair.