Ektor Cooper

Ektor Cooper

Highest paid football coach in Spain
Date of Birth: 16.11.1955
Country: Argentina

  1. Hector Cooper: The Highest-Paid Football Coach in Spain
  2. A Remarkable Coaching Career
  3. A Tale of Final Failures
  4. The Connection to Fabian Ayala
  5. Coaching Mallorca
  6. Current Situation

Hector Cooper: The Highest-Paid Football Coach in Spain

Hector Cooper is known as the highest-paid football coach in Spain. Despite his unsuccessful career as a player, he found his true calling in coaching. It seems that he was never meant to play football as well as he understood it. Coaching comes naturally to him, and he cannot sit idle. Currently, Cooper is working as a coach for Mallorca, a team that narrowly avoided relegation in the previous season and started the current season with two losses. However, the club is satisfied with Cooper's work and has no plans to dismiss him.

Ektor Cooper

A Remarkable Coaching Career

Cooper began his coaching career in Europe in 1997 when he accepted an offer from Mallorca, which had just been promoted to the top division. Prior to his arrival, Mallorca had never spent more than three years in La Liga. However, in his first season, Cooper led the team to a fifth-place finish in the league, a Copa del Rey final, and their first-ever trophy, the Spanish Super Cup. The following season, Mallorca achieved even greater success, finishing third in the league and reaching the final of the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup.

Cooper then moved to Valencia, where he guided the team to two consecutive UEFA Champions League finals. It became a trademark of Cooper's coaching career as he consistently led his teams to the finals of European tournaments. However, he was unable to win the decisive matches. His only trophy to date is the Spanish Super Cup, which is played over two legs.

A Tale of Final Failures

Cooper's four final defeats, two of which came in penalty shootouts and two in regular time, have puzzled fans and experts alike. There is no rational explanation for his inability to win these decisive matches. Despite this, Cooper's coaching abilities are highly regarded, and he has earned a reputation as a brilliant strategist.

The Connection to Fabian Ayala

While reflecting on Cooper's career, a curious connection can be made to Fabian Ayala, a prominent Argentine defender. A photograph of Cooper reminded the author of a young Ayala, and it turned out that they played the same position. Interestingly, Cooper was overlooked for Ayala's spot in the Argentine national team during the 1978 World Cup, which they eventually won. This human connection and twist of fate add a personal touch to Cooper's story.

Coaching Mallorca

After his stint at Inter Milan, Cooper returned to coaching in a more humble environment with Mallorca. Despite the lack of financial resources, he managed to save the team from relegation and continue working with them. Cooper's coaching and nurturing abilities have been showcased at Mallorca, where he has helped develop players like Valeron, Diego Tristan, Lauren, and Ivan Campo. His coaching skills are particularly valuable in smaller teams, where he excels at finding hidden talents and bringing out the best in young players.

Current Situation

Mallorca started the current season with two losses but managed to secure an impressive victory against Real Sociedad. Cooper's leadership and guidance were evident in the team's comeback from a 2-1 deficit to a 5-2 victory. The new signing, Arango, scored a hat-trick, including a stunning goal from a difficult angle. Cooper's typical coaching style and ability to motivate and instill belief in his players were instrumental in this comeback.

Despite his impressive coaching career, Cooper's inability to win crucial matches and secure major trophies remains a significant blemish. However, his commitment to the profession and willingness to start afresh with Mallorca exemplify his resilience and dedication. Cooper's coaching qualities are not well-suited for superclubs like Inter Milan, but they are highly valued in teams like Mallorca. The club recognizes his worth and has made him the highest-paid coach in Spain, ensuring he does not suffer any financial setbacks if his time at Mallorca does not yield immediate success.