Elena Kolyadenko

Elena Kolyadenko

Ukrainian choreographer
Date of Birth: 04.05.1973
Country: Ukraine

  1. Biography of Elena Koliadenko
  2. Early Career and Formation of Art-Classic Ballet
  3. Recognition and Formation of Freedom Ballet
  4. Television Career and Formation of Freedom Jazz
  5. Personal Life

Biography of Elena Koliadenko

Elena Koliadenko is a Ukrainian choreographer, director, and producer. She is best known for being the leader of the dance group Kadnay, as well as the show-ballet "Freedom" and the group "Freedom Jazz". Elena was born in the Belarusian SSR, but her family moved to the Ukrainian SSR when she was seven years old, and she grew up in Sumy. Her mother, Tamara Ivanovna, was a choreographer who led a folklore ensemble, although she was initially against Elena pursuing dance.

Elena Kolyadenko

Early Career and Formation of Art-Classic Ballet

Instead, Elena received a musical education and worked as a concertmaster at the Sumy Drama and Musical Comedy Theater from 1992 to 1994. It was during her time at the theater that she met her future husband, Dmitry Koliadenko. In 1993, Elena organized her first dance ensemble called "Art-Classic Ballet" in Sumy, which she co-directed with Dmitry. However, after their divorce, the majority of the ballet group stayed with Dmitry.

Recognition and Formation of Freedom Ballet

In the year 2000, Elena presented her choreography at the international contemporary dance festival "Dance 21st Century," where her ballet received the nomination for "Discovery of the Year." In 2001, her work was nominated for "Best Show of the Year" at the "Tavria Games" festival. In 2002, Elena Koliadenko founded the ballet "Freedom," where she serves as the artistic director and choreographer. In 2004, the ballet achieved success with their performance titled "Improvisations to the Music of Sting." Since then, the Freedom ballet has regularly participated in stage productions, television projects, and performances both in Ukraine and abroad. They have collaborated with Cirque du Soleil and Franco Dragone, among others.

Television Career and Formation of Freedom Jazz

Elena Koliadenko also appeared as a judge on the TV show "Dancing with the Stars" and worked as a teacher and director on the show "Star Factory." She collaborated with Jamala for some time and served as her producer. In 2008, Jamala performed as a soloist in Elena Koliadenko's dance musical "Pa." However, their collaboration ended due to differences in creative vision. In the same year, Elena formed the group Freedom Jazz, which performs jazz-cabaret style music. She was the choreographer and stage director for performances by Svetlana Loboda at Eurovision 2009 and Jamala at New Wave 2009. Since 2012, Elena has been the producer of the group Kadnay, in which her son Philip is the lead singer.

Personal Life

Elena Koliadenko was previously married to showman Dmitry Koliadenko, with whom she lived for nine years. They have a son named Philip, who was born in 1993.