Gay Luzon

Gay Luzon

Head coach of the Israeli youth team
Country: Israel

  1. Biography of Guy Luzon
  2. Goals for the European Championship
  3. Assessment of Opponents
  4. Team Unity
  5. Future Plans

Biography of Guy Luzon

Guy Luzon is a prominent Israeli football coach who has been entrusted with the position of head coach of the Israeli youth national team. Many Israeli journalists believe that Luzon has the potential to become a strong coach and will eventually lead the senior national team. The Israeli Football Association assures that Luzon will become a top-level specialist if given the chance, although his appointment in Israel has caused controversy due to his relation to Avi Luzon, the head of the Israeli Football Association. Despite this controversy, the 35-year-old coach has achieved positive results everywhere except in Petah Tikva, where he was undermined by behind-the-scenes games and an unhealthy club atmosphere.

Goals for the European Championship

During an interview, Luzon expressed his confidence in his team's abilities and stated that they would give their utmost in every game. He acknowledged that his team was the weakest in the tournament and that the difference in player quality between his team and the top European teams was significant. However, he assured that his team would not hinder their opponents and would aim to demonstrate modern attacking football. Luzon emphasized the importance of focusing on oneself and not underestimating the potential of each game, as anything could happen on the field. He also highlighted the unity of his team and their goal to showcase their full potential.

Assessment of Opponents

Luzon considered England and Italy as the favorites in their group, but did not overlook Norway, who had defeated Russia and put up a strong fight against France. He acknowledged the physical strength of the Russian national team and praised their attacking style of play. When asked about standout players, Luzon mentioned Smolov from Anzhi as a player with excellent physical attributes and skills that could propel him to the elite level of world football.

Team Unity

Luzon emphasized the unity of his team and mentioned that it was evident during training sessions, where it was difficult to distinguish between players due to their strong bond. He addressed the situation involving two Chechen players who faced harsh criticism from Jerusalem fans after joining Beitar. Luzon believed that the media escalated the situation by giving a platform to a group of fans and felt that ignoring them would have resulted in a calmer atmosphere.

Future Plans

Towards the end of the interview, Luzon revealed that he would leave the youth national team after the European Championship in order to pursue daily coaching work. When asked about the possibility of working in Russia, he expressed his admiration for Russian football and mentioned the significant progress made by the Russian Premier League in recent years. Luzon stated that language and weather would not deter him from accepting an opportunity in a good European league.

In conclusion, Luzon's future as a coach largely depends on his team's performance in the European Championship. Success in the tournament could bring attention from clubs in Europe, while failure would make it more challenging for him to advance in his career. However, Luzon has gained a new supporter from Russia who wishes him success in his endeavors as a young and hardworking specialist.