Genrik Kochinyan

Genrik Kochinyan

Armenian politician and statesman.
Date of Birth: 07.05.1948
Country: Armenia

  1. Biography of Henrik Kochinyan
  2. Education
  3. Professional Career
  4. Political Career
  5. Conclusion

Biography of Henrik Kochinyan

Henrik Kochinyan is an Armenian political and statesman. He was born in an Armenian family and grew up in the village of Shnoh. Kochinyan completed his secondary education in 1956-1966 with a silver medal.


In 1966-1971, Kochinyan attended the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute, where he studied mechanical engineering for automotive and tractor technology. He successfully graduated and obtained the degree of Candidate of Technical Sciences, later becoming a professor. Throughout his academic career, Kochinyan authored 53 scientific articles, textbooks, and teaching materials.

Professional Career

Kochinyan began his professional career in 1971 at the Design and Technology Bureau of the Ministry of Automotive Transport of the Armenian SSR. He worked as a designer, senior designer, and then as a senior engineer.

From 1974 to 1995, Kochinyan worked at the Yerevan Polytechnic Institute as an assistant, associate professor, deputy dean, and later became the dean of the Faculty of Transport. During this period, he also served as the head of the Automotive Department.

Political Career

In 1990, Kochinyan entered politics and became the Minister of Transport and Communications of Armenia. He held this position until 1995. From 1998 to 2006, Kochinyan served as the governor of the Lori Province. He was a member of the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA).


Henrik Kochinyan is a prominent Armenian politician and statesman who has made significant contributions to both the academic and political spheres in Armenia. Through his extensive career and dedication to his country, he has received numerous state awards and recognition.