George Cooper

George Cooper

American football player
Date of Birth: 19.03.1984
Country: USA

  1. Biography of George Cooper
  2. Transition to Football Agent
  3. Current Activities

Biography of George Cooper

George Cooper, born on March 19, 1984, in Ohio, United States, is a talented athlete, American football player, and currently, a sought-after football agent. His full name is George Fitzgerald Cooper, and he grew up in a family of Michelle and George Cooper Sr. His father, George Fitzgerald Sr., was an excellent football player and instilled a love and interest in the sport in his son.
During his school years, George excelled in football, and when he enrolled in Westerville North High School, he not only played for the local football team but also trained under the renowned coach Bob Kevin. Soon, his training paid off, and Cooper began attracting the attention of leading football teams. A significant milestone in George Cooper's sports career was his time with the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets football team, where he showcased his talent and shined on the field for three seasons.

Transition to Football Agent

George Cooper also had a successful stint as a member of the Atlanta Falcons team, playing until 2006. However, when he had the idea of becoming an agent, George didn't hesitate. He made a firm decision to slightly change the direction of his career. In May 2007, Cooper, as a free agent, started collaborating with the Detroit Lions team. He spent a short time with the Detroit Lions players and eventually decided to part ways on June 14 of the same year. A few months later, in September 2007, George Cooper signed a contract with the football club Atlanta Falcons and played a full season with them. The agreement was subsequently extended in February 2008, although it was renegotiated multiple times.

Current Activities

Eventually, on August 24, George Cooper definitively terminated his collaboration with the Atlanta Falcons. Currently, he continues his active involvement in the football industry. In the near future, it is unlikely that Cooper will give up sports. He frequently appears in popular media outlets. During his free time, George Fitzgerald Cooper prefers to spend time with friends, engaging in active leisure activities, mostly traveling.