Glenn Gilberti

Glenn Gilberti

American wrestler
Date of Birth: 12.11.1968
Country: USA

  1. Biography of Glenn Gilberti
  2. Early Life and Career Beginnings
  3. Wrestling Career and Aliases
  4. In-Ring Style and Popular Moves
  5. Achievements and Acting Career

Biography of Glenn Gilberti

Glenn Gilberti, also known as Disco Inferno, is an American professional wrestler who was born on November 12, 1968, in the United States. He began his wrestling career in 1991, participating in matches for the "GCW" championship. Gilberti's training as a budding athlete was overseen by Stevie Lowel.

Glenn Gilberti

Early Life and Career Beginnings

In the late 1980s, Gilberti worked as a pizza delivery driver, but he found this job unsatisfying and began searching for a path in professional sports. He made his debut in wrestling in 1991, and his first match took place on November 20 of that year in the "GCW" championship. Standing at a height of 190 cm and weighing approximately 100 kg, Gilberti possessed impressive physical attributes.

Wrestling Career and Aliases

Throughout his career, Gilberti performed under various aliases, including "Disco," "Hip-Hop Inferno," "DISQO," "The Boogie Man," and "Gifted." He was managed by Tony Marinara and Trinity. In 1999, Gilberti was a member of "The Mamalukes" faction, where he fought alongside wrestlers such as Tony Marinara, Big Vito, and Johnny The Bull. In 2000, he joined the "The Filthy Animals" faction and was also a part of groups such as "The Dancing Fools," "nWo Wolfpack," "The New Blood," "S.E.X.," and "New York Connection." In 2008, Gilberti became a member of "The House of Truth," alongside Eddie Venom, Zak Gowen, and Christine Abel.

In-Ring Style and Popular Moves

Gilberti stood out among other wrestlers due to his diverse range of strikes and maneuvers. Some of his best-known moves include "The Last Dance," "Jumping Piledriver," "Gut Kick," "Hillbilly Elbow," "Swinging Neckbreaker," "Spike Piledriver," "Standing Headlock," "Russian Leg Sweep," and "Inverted Atomic Drop." Gilberti had the ability to captivate crowds within minutes, charging towards his opponents with fierce eyes and the catchphrase "They wanna see me dance!" His matches delighted spectators, as he not only showcased his strength but also demonstrated sound strategies and tactics.

Achievements and Acting Career

Gilberti has amassed numerous titles throughout his career, including "Tag Team Title," "Heavyweight Title," "Inter-Gender Title," "TNA Booker," and "Television Champion." However, he has yet to secure prestigious accolades. In addition to wrestling, Gilberti has tried his hand at acting, making a brief appearance in the film "Ready 2 Rumble."