Grigorij Zarechniuj

Grigorij Zarechniuj

Date of Birth: 29.10.1958
Country: Azerbaijan

Biography of Grigory Zarechny

Grigory Zarechny, a singer, was born on October 29, 1958, in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. His father was a well-known architect, and his mother was a music teacher. Grigory's grandmother, who used to be a soloist at the Baku Opera Theater, left him a Schröder piano in her will. This piano became the starting point for his musical education.

During his childhood, Grigory had a typical and happy upbringing in a country where all children aspired to become astronauts. He began playing in a school ensemble and started working as an accordionist in pioneer camps from the 6th grade. In his teenage years, he also learned to play the guitar and became a competitive fencer. He was influenced by Western music and bands like "Temptation," "Beatles," "Deep Purple," "Grand Funk," "Uria Heep," and "Led Zeppelin."

Aside from music, Grigory developed a passion for dog breeding. At the age of 16, he bought a German Shepherd puppy and enlisted voluntarily in the military at 18. He served in the Moscow region as part of a dog protection unit. During his service, he also played in an army ensemble and composed his first songs. After completing his military service, Grigory returned home at the age of 20 but tragically lost both of his parents within a year. The loss made him realize that pursuing further music education would not be possible.

He embarked on a journey of exploring various professions, working as a trolleybus driver while occasionally experimenting with other jobs. However, he always found himself gravitating back towards music. Alongside his career as a driver, Grigory became serious about motocross but never abandoned his guitar.

In 1987, Grigory found himself in Baku, where he joined a gathering of amateur singer-songwriters called the Baku KAP. This experience provided him with valuable connections and inspiration.

Following his time in Baku, Grigory moved to Siberia and worked in a timber factory, taking on extreme tasks for a minimal wage. He lived in a crowded dormitory and faced challenging working conditions. When he decided to return, he discovered that there was no longer a place for him in Azerbaijan due to the political events unfolding there. With only one suitcase, his guitar, and five rubles in his pocket, Grigory ended up in Rostov.

In Rostov, Grigory found himself involved in the creative community once again. In 1990, he reached the final of the All-Union Festival of Author's Song. Despite this achievement, he realized that his perspective on life and music differed from that of traditional bard singers. He secured a position as an artist in the Philharmonic Orchestra affiliated with the Rostov Conservatory, performing concerts across Southern Russia. During this time, he bought his first synthesizer, played in restaurants, and performed at weddings. He also experimented with arranging music and recorded two albums that have since become rarities.

Grigory's life took a different turn with the responsibilities of family, children, and business. He had to put his music career on hold for several years. However, he challenged the notion that artists must suffer and found a balance between his passion for music and his personal life. He built his own house and released an album called "I Love My City" after its completion. One of the songs from this album unexpectedly made its way onto the "Truck Driver" compilation released by Classic Company.

This success led to the release of three more albums, "Truck Driver 2," "Truck Driver 3," and "I Step on the Gas!" Grigory's motto, "I know what I sing about!" became more than just a marketing slogan; it represented his dedication to creating meaningful music.

Grigory Zarechny continues to pursue his music career, with his sixth album already in the works, demonstrating that his journey as a singer-songwriter is far from over.