Igor Mitreski

Igor Mitreski

Macedonian footballer, defender of CSKA Sofia
Date of Birth: 19.02.1979
Country: Macedonia

  1. Biography of Igor Mitreski
  2. Move to Spartak Moscow
  3. Transition to Ukraine and Israel
  4. Stints in Belgium and CSKA Sofia

Biography of Igor Mitreski

Igor Mitreski is a Macedonian football player who currently plays as a defender for the Bulgarian club CSKA Sofia and the Macedonian national team. He began his career in 1997 with the club "Makedonija" in Skopje, Macedonia. During the period from 1997 to 2001, Igor played for various clubs in Macedonia.

Move to Spartak Moscow

In 2001, Mitreski transferred to the Russian club "Spartak" in Moscow. In his first season, Igor performed exceptionally well in both the Russian Premier League and the Champions League. However, his second season was not as successful, and his third season was considered a failure. Despite this, Igor managed to play 117 matches for Spartak, making him the third-highest appearance maker among foreign players in the club.

Transition to Ukraine and Israel

In June 2004, Mitreski played for the foreign legionnaires' team of the Russian Premier League. After mutually terminating his contract with Spartak, Igor moved to Ukraine to play for the Zaporizhia-based club "Metalurh," where he played 12 matches. His contract allowed him to transfer to another club if a favorable offer was made, with the transfer fee also being predetermined. Mitreski took advantage of this clause and joined the Israeli club "Beitar" in Jerusalem. After playing 10 matches for Beitar, he was loaned to the German club "Energie" in Cottbus, where he became a regular player in the defense. After a year on loan, Igor remained with Energie as the club bought his rights from Beitar. His contract with Energie was signed for three years until 2010.

Stints in Belgium and CSKA Sofia

On January 9, 2009, Mitreski joined the Belgian club "Germinal Beerschot" on loan for six months. During his loan spell, he played 16 matches in the Belgian league. After the loan ended, Igor returned to Energie. In January 2010, the Bulgarian club CSKA Sofia signed Mitreski for a two-year contract. The transfer fee was set at €300,000. Throughout his career, Igor has achieved success, including winning the Russian Premier League in 2001 and the Russian Cup in 2003.