Jane Siberry

Jane Siberry

Canadian singer and songwriter
Date of Birth: 12.10.1955
Country: Canada

  1. Jane Siberry: Canadian Singer and Songwriter
  2. Early Life and Education
  3. Breakthrough and Collaborations
  4. Personal Transition and Recent Work
  5. Influences and Recognition

Jane Siberry: Canadian Singer and Songwriter

Jane Siberry is a Canadian singer and songwriter, widely known for her compositions such as 'Mimi on the Beach', 'I Muse Aloud', 'One More Colour', and 'Calling All Angels'. She occasionally performs under the pseudonym 'Issa'. Siberry's music encompasses various styles and genres, ranging from new wave rock to pop, jazz, folk, gospel, classical compositions, and liturgies.

Jane Siberry

Early Life and Education

Jane Siberry received her higher education at the University of Guelph, specializing in music and microbiology. It was during her time at the university that she recorded her first album, self-titled 'Jane Siberry'. Her debut album was well-received for an independent project, with her notable composition 'Mimi on the Beach' gaining significant praise. Her second album, 'The Speckless Sky', released in 1985, also achieved commercial success and received positive reviews from critics. Siberry took note of the feedback and subsequently signed with a major record label.

Jane Siberry

Breakthrough and Collaborations

Unfortunately, her next album, 'The Walking' in 1988, failed to perform well at the box office, despite receiving favorable reviews from critics. In 1993, Jane collaborated with Michael Brook and Brian Eno on the album 'When I Was a Boy', where she notably performed the duet 'Calling All Angels' with renowned Canadian singer k.d. lang. This album marked the beginning of her distinctive introspective introductions before songs, which became her signature style. In 1995, after the release of her album 'Maria', Siberry founded her own record label called 'Sheeba Records', under which all her subsequent compositions were released.

Jane Siberry

Personal Transition and Recent Work

In early 2006, Jane decided to close her record label and auctioned off most of her belongings, including her home and musical instruments, on eBay. She felt the need for significant changes in her life, as she had reached an existential impasse. On June 3, 2006, she changed her name and started performing under the pseudonym 'Issa'. However, she continued selling her old compositions under her previous name to avoid confusing her listeners. Between 2006 and 2007, Siberry recorded approximately 30 new songs, documenting her creative journey on her MySpace page and the website issalight.com.

Jane Siberry

In the fall of 2008, she released three new albums simultaneously. In 2009, she unveiled her record 'With What Shall I Keep Warm?', featuring both her stage names, 'Issa' and 'Jane Siberry', on the cover. She later announced in December 2009 that she had changed her name back to 'Jane Siberry'. In May 2010, Jane made her entire music collection available for free download in MP3 and AIFF formats. She has always been skeptical of the commercial aspect of the music industry, and she allows users to download her compositions without any payment. According to Siberry, this model has significantly increased her average income per song.

Influences and Recognition

Jane Siberry's music is often compared to the works of Kate Bush, Joni Mitchell, and Laurie Anderson. Her compositions reflect a strong influence from Van Morrison and Miles Davis. In recognition of her talent, the Canada Council for the Arts awarded Jane the Victor Martyn Lynch-Staunton Award on August 30, 2005.