Jerome Blanchard

Jerome Blanchard

French and Russian figure skater
Date of Birth: 20.07.1981
Country: France

  1. Biography of Jérôme Blanchard
  2. Success in France
  3. A New Partnership
  4. Transition to Russia
  5. Challenges and Show Performances
  6. A Return to Competitive Skating
  7. Future Plans

Biography of Jérôme Blanchard

Jérôme Blanchard is a French and Russian figure skater who competed in pair skating. He was born on October 5, 1983, in France.

Success in France

Blanchard became the champion of France in 2004, skating with his partner Sabrina Lefrancois. They showcased their incredible talent and secured the top spot in the national championships.

A New Partnership

In the 2005-2006 season, Blanchard teamed up with Russian skater Rinata Araslanova to represent France. Together, they achieved a remarkable feat by winning the silver medal in the French national championships.

Transition to Russia

In the summer of 2007, Blanchard made a significant decision to move to Russia and join Oleg Vasiliev's group. He began training with Valeria Vorobyova, and they formed a new pair. However, the French Figure Skating Federation initially resisted his switch to represent Russia. After a long battle, he finally received permission to compete for Russia.

Challenges and Show Performances

Unfortunately, Blanchard and Vorobyova's performances in their first year together were not satisfactory. They finished third out of three participating pairs in the "Memorial N.A. Paniina 2007" tournament and fourth in the Russian Cup 2008 final. As a result, their coach dissolved the partnership, and Blanchard transitioned to performing in shows.

He participated in the Russian television project "Zvezdny led" in 2008, where he teamed up with singer Yulia Savicheva.

A Return to Competitive Skating

In 2010, Blanchard made a comeback to the sport at the suggestion of his former coach, Oleg Vasiliev. He joined forces with Maria Mukhortova, the 2007 Russian champion and multiple-time European championships medalist. Mukhortova was left without a partner after her previous pair with Maxim Trankov dissolved.

Unfortunately, their new partnership only managed to secure seventh place in the Russian Championships 2011, leaving them without financial support from the Federation. Following this setback, Blanchard decided to return to France and end his amateur career.

Future Plans

Blanchard intends to pursue a career in the family hotel business. After years of dedication and achievements in figure skating, he aspires to succeed in the hospitality industry while leaving a lasting impact on the sport.