Joan Armatrading

Joan Armatrading

English singer, talented guitarist
Date of Birth: 09.12.1950
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Joan Armatrading
  2. Early Life and Musical Inspiration
  3. The Beginnings of a Music Career
  4. Breakthrough Success
  5. A Career Lull and Resurgence
  6. Recognition and Continued Musical Journey

Biography of Joan Armatrading

Joan Armatrading is an English singer, talented guitarist, and songwriter, as well as a Grammy-nominated artist.

Joan Armatrading

Early Life and Musical Inspiration

Anita Barbara Joan Armatrading was born on December 9, 1950, in Basseterre, the capital of St. Kitts and Nevis, a Caribbean island nation. In 1957, her family moved to Birmingham, England. At the age of fourteen, inspired by the music of Billie Holiday, Bessie Smith, and Nina Simone, Joan began writing songs and playing the guitar and piano.

The Beginnings of a Music Career

In the early 1970s, during rehearsals for the musical "Hair" in London, Joan Armatrading met musician and singer Pam Nestor. They began working on Joan's first album, "Whatever's for Us," which was recorded in 1972 at Cube Records studio. Shortly after the album's release, Joan and Pam ended their collaboration, and Joan Armatrading independently recorded her second album, "Back to the Night," which was released in 1975.

Breakthrough Success

Joan's most successful and pivotal moment in her career came in 1976 with the release of her self-titled album, "Joan Armatrading," which quickly entered the top twenty of the UK charts. From that moment until 1995, Joan Armatrading consistently released commercial albums, working with producers such as Glyn Johns and Richard Gottehrer. Several of her albums reached the top ten in the UK charts and achieved gold status, including "Me Myself I" (1980), "Walk Under Ladders" (1981), and "The Key" (1983).

A Career Lull and Resurgence

In 1995, Joan Armatrading signed a contract with RCA studio and released the album "What's Inside." The album did not achieve significant success, and Joan experienced a stagnant period in her career that lasted for eight years. She made a comeback in 2003 with the captivating album "Lovers Speak." This album showcased a new sound, incorporating elements of jazz, folk, and reggae into her music, departing from her traditional spiritual style.

Recognition and Continued Musical Journey

In 2007, Joan Armatrading released the album "Into the Blues," which became her best-selling record. It immediately topped the Billboard blues chart and earned a Grammy nomination for Best Contemporary Blues Album. No English singer, especially one of color, had achieved such recognition before. Currently, Joan Armatrading resides in Surrey, England, and continues to compose music and write songs.