Josh Level

Josh Level

North Carolina basketball player who died during a game
Country: USA

  1. Tragedy Strikes: The Untimely Death of Josh Level
  2. A Promising Career Cut Short
  3. A Determined Spirit

Tragedy Strikes: The Untimely Death of Josh Level

Josh Level, a promising young basketball player from North Carolina, tragically passed away during a game on the evening of February 19, 2013. The 17-year-old star from New Garden Friends School in Greensboro suddenly fell ill during a timeout in the third quarter. The game took place at the Quality Education Academy in Winston-Salem. A nurse rushed to Level's aid, but unfortunately, she was unable to revive him. Shortly after being transported to the Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the teenager was pronounced dead. Simon Johnson, the CEO of the Quality Education Academy, expressed his sorrow, stating, "We immediately called 911, and the nurse started performing CPR... We are deeply saddened by what has happened."

Josh Level

A Promising Career Cut Short

Even at such a young age, Josh Level was already being hailed as a future basketball star. In 2014, he had already received several enticing offers, including ones from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and Oklahoma State University, both of which had resolved any scholarship issues. He had already been recruited by Wake Forest University and North Carolina State University, in addition to his participation in other top sports programs. Joe Davis, the head of recruiting for the "ScoutsFocus" service that seeks athletes for top colleges and universities, stated that Level had become one of the top ten players selected to participate in the 2012 "Greensboro Invitational" competition.

A Determined Spirit

In one of his early interviews with Jacey Zembal, editor of the website, Level expressed his motivation to prove anyone who doubted his potential wrong. He believed that he had gone unnoticed and used that as fuel to stand out. Being the middle child among seven siblings and attending a boarding school far from his family, Level knew that he had to give it his all to make a name for himself. He was fully aware that a new challenge awaited him in college, where he aimed to showcase his superiority. Unfortunately, his sudden death robbed him of that opportunity.

"To play this game (basketball), you have to have a tremendous love for it. It gives you an advantage." - Josh Level.