Julius Zeyer

Julius Zeyer

Czech poet
Date of Birth: 26.04.1841
Country: Czech

  1. Biography of Julius Zeyer
  2. Teaching in Crimea
  3. Influence and Themes
  4. Notable Works

Biography of Julius Zeyer

Julius Zeyer, a Czech poet, was born in 1841. After completing his primary education, he initially pursued a career in carpentry. However, his passion for European languages and literature led him to delve deeper into the world of poetry.

Teaching in Crimea

For a period of time, Zeyer lived in Crimea, where he worked as a teacher. This experience exposed him to new cultures and enriched his understanding of the world.

Influence and Themes

Zeyer was greatly influenced by the works of Vrchlicky, a prominent Czech poet. He incorporated cosmopolitan themes into his poetry and expressed his own unique tastes through his writing.

Notable Works

In 1884, Zeyer published his collection of poems titled "Poesie," showcasing his artistic talents. Additionally, he wrote "Novelly" in 1879 and 1884, as well as several novels such as "Ond?ej ?erny?ev" (1875, 1880, and 1886) which was also translated into Russian. Other notable works include "Dobrodru?stv? Madr?ny" (1882), "Fantastick? povidky," and romantic compositions like "Star? historie" (1883), "Sulamit" (1885), "Legenda z Erinu" (1886), and "Libu?in hn?v" (1887).

Overall, Julius Zeyer's journey from a carpenter to a celebrated poet reflects his perseverance, passion for literature, and commitment to artistic expression.