Kirk Johnson

Kirk Johnson

Canadian professional boxer
Date of Birth: 29.06.1972
Country: Canada

  1. Kirk Johnson - Canadian Professional Boxer
  2. Olympic Games 1992
  3. Victory over Dannel Nicholson
  4. Battles with Alfred Cole
  5. Fight against Oleg Maskaev
  6. Eliminator win against Larry Donald
  7. World Championship Fight against John Ruiz
  8. Loss to Vitali Klitschko
  9. Retirement

Kirk Johnson - Canadian Professional Boxer

Kirk Johnson is a Canadian professional boxer who competed in the heavyweight division. He made his debut in April 1993 and went on to have a successful career in the sport.

Olympic Games 1992

Johnson participated in the 1992 Olympic Games held in Barcelona, representing Canada.

Victory over Dannel Nicholson

In August 1996, Johnson achieved a notable victory over Dannel Nicholson.

Battles with Alfred Cole

Between 1998 and 1999, Johnson faced Alfred Cole twice. The first fight ended in a draw, but Johnson emerged victorious in their second encounter.

Fight against Oleg Maskaev

In October 2000, Johnson fought Oleg Maskaev. In the early stages of the fourth round, Johnson delivered a powerful left hook to Maskaev's jaw, causing him to fall. Johnson continued to unleash a series of punches, ultimately resulting in a knockout victory.

Eliminator win against Larry Donald

In July 2001, Johnson secured a victory against Larry Donald in an eliminator bout.

World Championship Fight against John Ruiz

July 2002 marked a significant fight for Johnson, as he faced undefeated John Ruiz, the WBA World Champion in the super heavyweight division. In the first round, Johnson landed a left uppercut to Ruiz's groin, causing him to fall to the canvas. The referee deducted a point from Johnson. In the fourth round, Johnson once again delivered a left uppercut to Ruiz's groin, resulting in another knockdown. However, this time, the referee issued a verbal warning instead of deducting a point. During the fight, Ruiz resorted to an illegal headbutt, leading to a pause in the bout. Despite the challenges, Johnson managed to knock Ruiz down multiple times. However, in the tenth round, Johnson committed a low blow, leading to his disqualification.

Loss to Vitali Klitschko

In December 2003, Johnson faced Vitali Klitschko in a WBC title eliminator fight. Klitschko dominated the match and knocked Johnson down twice in the second round, prompting the referee to stop the fight and declare Klitschko the winner.


In March 2006, Johnson had his final professional boxing match before retiring from the sport.