Larisa Volodimerova

Larisa Volodimerova

Poet, prose writer, publicist, journalist, human rights activist.
Date of Birth: 23.07.1960
Country: Netherlands

Biography of Larisa Volodimerova

Larisa Volodimerova is a poet, prose writer, journalist, publicist, and human rights activist. She has been living in Amsterdam since 1997. In 1982, she graduated from the Philological Faculty of Leningrad State University, specializing in Portuguese. Throughout her career, she has worked as an engineer, translator, journalist, and hotel porter for foreigners. She has also held positions as the head of the Literature and Theater Institute (including in children's homes and a women's prison) and as the rector of the Russian Institute of Literature, Journalism, and Drama in Jerusalem, Israel.

In 1992, Volodimerova moved to Israel, where she continued her work with the Literature and Theater Institute. In 1996, she organized the first Russian Institute of Literature, Journalism, and Drama in Jerusalem. As an author, Larisa Volodimerova is included in the New Literary Map of Russia, and her poetry is featured in the anthology "Liberated Ulysses" compiled by Dmitry Kuzmin.

Currently, Larisa Volodimerova has published a significant number of books, including poetry, poems, novellas, novels, and plays, including her selected works. She resides in Amsterdam, and her novel "Jerusalem Playboy" has been reprinted by A. Zhitinsky's Helicon Plus. In 2007, she was awarded the title of "Journalist of the Year" by the International Union of Writers and Journalists APIA (United Kingdom).

In addition to her literary achievements, Larisa Volodimerova is actively involved in human rights advocacy.