Liu Xiang

Liu Xiang

Chinese athlete, 2008 Olympic champion
Date of Birth: 13.07.1983
Country: China

  1. Biography of Liu Xiang
  2. Early Life and Career
  3. Rise to Success
  4. Olympic Triumph and World Records
  5. Continued Success
  6. Philanthropy and Commercial Success
  7. Legacy and Recognition
  8. Current Status

Biography of Liu Xiang

Early Life and Career

Liu Xiang, a Chinese athlete and Olympic champion, was born on July 13, 1983, in Shanghai, China. He made history in 2004 by becoming the first Chinese athlete to win a gold medal in the 110-meter hurdles event. Liu also achieved the distinction of being the first Chinese athlete to achieve the "triple crown" (World Champion, Olympic Champion, and World Record holder) in the sport.

Liu Xiang

Rise to Success

Despite initially being described by his coach as having a "terrible" technique, Liu made his debut at the Junior World Championships in 2000, finishing fourth in the 110-meter hurdles event. He went on to win the East Asian Games in Osaka, Japan, and the World University Games in Beijing, China, both in 2000. In July that same year, Liu won a silver medal at the Grand Prix Athletics competition in Lausanne, Switzerland, setting a new world record for juniors and an Asian record in the 110-meter hurdles event.

Liu Xiang

Olympic Triumph and World Records

In 2004, Liu made history by winning the gold medal in the 110-meter hurdles event at the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece. He equaled Colin Jackson's world record time of 12.91 seconds, although the wind assistance was only +0.3 m/s compared to Jackson's +0.5 m/s. Liu's victory was significant as no Chinese athlete had previously run the 110-meter hurdles in under 13 seconds. He became the sixth person to achieve this feat, with the other five athletes being of African-American descent.

Liu Xiang

Continued Success

Liu continued to excel in his career, winning numerous accolades and setting new records. He won the silver medal at the 2005 World Championships in Helsinki, Finland, finishing just 0.01 seconds behind the champion Ladji Doucouré of France. In 2007, Liu won the gold medal at the World Championships in Osaka, Japan, solidifying his status as a world-class athlete.

Philanthropy and Commercial Success

Outside of his athletic achievements, Liu donated approximately 2,500,000 yuan to support those affected by the Sichuan earthquake. He also became a global brand ambassador for "Nutrilite," a food company associated with "Amway," and was sponsored by "Nike" throughout his sports career. Liu appeared on the cover of "Time" magazine's Asian edition and served as a representative for companies like "Coca Cola" and "Cadillac."

Legacy and Recognition

Liu Xiang's success and achievements made him a source of pride for China. His victory at the 2004 Olympic Games shattered stereotypes about Asian athletes' sprinting capabilities. Liu's dedication to his sport and scientific training approach allowed him to consistently improve both his physical abilities and technical skills. His accomplishments inspired young Chinese athletes and garnered praise from fellow competitors such as Allen Johnson, who acknowledged the growing presence of Chinese athletes in international competitions.

Current Status

Liu Xiang remains one of the most popular track and field athletes in China. His remarkable career and achievements have left a lasting impact on the sport, and his successes continue to inspire future generations of athletes.