Margie Tsai

Margie Tsai

Contemporary fashion designer
Country: USA

Biography of Marge Tsai

Marge Tsai, a modern fashion designer, believes that her clothing is a story she tries to tell through fabric. With her own store now, she can fully express her vision and make it clear to others what she means. Her store on Prince Street is a sacred place for her, as Tsai works tirelessly and passionately.

Born in Taiwan but raised in Hawaii, Marge Tsai dreamt of designing clothes from a young age. After finishing school, she moved to New York to study at the renowned Parsons School of Design. After graduating, Tsai worked for Donna Karan and Vivienne Tam for three years, all while nurturing her plans to start her own brand.

After traveling the world and gathering her strength, Tsai took a risk and opened her own business. Once her first line of garments was ready, she timidly presented them at a fashion show and immediately caught the attention of Barney's and Patricia Fields, who took note of Tsai's work. After several years of working from her home, which she transformed into a studio, Tsai finally had the opportunity to open her own store. The space housed a workshop, a showroom, and a shop.

With financial assistance from her parents, who loaned her money for three years, Tsai had to decide if her business was worth dedicating her life to. She believes that her clothing is a story told through fabric, and now that she has her own store, she can fully express that story. The store on Prince Street is almost a sacred place for Tsai, as she works tirelessly and passionately. She constantly experiments with fabrics, making them the centerpiece of her designs. If a material is not suitable, Tsai's imagination quickly informs her, unable to offer interesting designs.

Marge Tsai often misses her family and her home in Hawaii, where her parents live. During the tragic events in September 2001 in New York, Tsai and her husband found themselves living near the Twin Towers. Her parents were scheduled to fly in for Fashion Week, which was later postponed, and Tsai was worried about them being on one of those planes. Fortunately, her parents were stuck in San Francisco for a week. Tsai later confessed to journalists that when she heard about the attacks, she didn't think about work at all—only about her family. She immediately rode her bike 15 blocks to the site of the tragic events.