Maria Noseda Zambra

Maria Noseda Zambra

Billionaire, owner of the huge investment empire "AntarChile"
Country: Chile

  1. Biography of Maria Nozeda Zambra
  2. Early Life and Business Ventures
  3. Founding of AntarChile
  4. Inheritance and Legacy

Biography of Maria Nozeda Zambra

Maria Nozeda Zambra is a billionaire and the owner of the massive investment empire "AntarChile". She is the widow of Anacleto Angelini, a Chilean businessman with Italian roots who created one of the largest conglomerates in Latin America, "Antarchile".

Early Life and Business Ventures

Anacleto Angelini led a relatively simple life, often dressing in ordinary clothes and preferring simple food. He began his business by investing small amounts of money in fishing and forestry. In 1948, he emigrated from Italy to Chile, where he already owned a significant stake in "Empresas Copec", one of the largest forestry companies in the country. It was in Chile that he married Maria Nozeda Zambra, who always supported her husband through thick and thin.

Anacleto Angelini gradually expanded his investments, venturing into paint and enamel factories, construction, and banking. In 1956, he acquired a successful Chilean fishing company. Over the years, "Empresas Copec" has become one of the largest cellulose producers in Chile, collaborating with numerous countries and exporting its products in large quantities. The company operates several major factories in Chile, Argentina, Brazil, and Uruguay.

Founding of AntarChile

One of Anacleto Angelini's notable projects was the establishment of "AntarChile", which has now become one of the largest investment companies in the country. "AntarChile" primarily invests in industries such as fishing, transportation, timber processing, mining, and the purchase of securities. The company also allocates significant resources to real estate purchases both within and outside of Chile.

Inheritance and Legacy

After Anacleto Angelini's passing in August 2007, Maria Nozeda Zambra inherited a 16% stake in "Antarchile". The controlling stake went to her nephew, Roberto Angelini Rossi. Throughout their marriage, Maria was a faithful companion to her husband, providing him with moral support during difficult times. She was his pillar and "true love," always standing by his side.

Today, Maria Nozeda Zambra continues to oversee the vast investment empire left behind by her late husband. With her inherited stake in "AntarChile", she maintains a prominent role in the business world and carries on the legacy of Anacleto Angelini's successful ventures.