Mario Esteves Coluna

Mario Esteves Coluna

Football player
Date of Birth: 06.08.1935
Country: Portugal

  1. Biography of Mario Esteves Coluna
  2. Early Life
  3. Club Career
  4. International Career
  5. Legacy
  6. Post-Football Career

Biography of Mario Esteves Coluna

Early Life

Mario Esteves Coluna, a Portuguese football player, was born on August 6, 1935, in Magude, Mozambique. He began playing football at the age of 15 while attending school in Mozambique.

Club Career

Coluna started his club career playing for "João Albasini" and "Desportivo Lourenço Marques" in Mozambique from 1950 to 1954. In 1955, he joined the famous Portuguese club "Benfica" where he played until 1970. He then played for "Lyon" in France in the 1970-1971 season. During his time at Benfica, Coluna won numerous titles, including 10 Portuguese championships, 6 Portuguese Cups, and 2 European Cups.

International Career

Coluna represented the Portuguese national team in 58 matches, scoring 8 goals. He made his debut on June 11, 1957, against Brazil and played his last game on December 11, 1968, against Greece. One of his most notable achievements was being part of the Portuguese team that finished third in the 1966 FIFA World Cup.


Coluna, along with Eusebio, is considered one of the most celebrated players in Portuguese football history. His strong physicality and exceptional skills made him a dominant presence in the midfield. Coluna's powerful and precise long-range shots were a trademark of his game. He was known for his loyalty to Benfica, spending 16 years at the club and captaining the team for over a decade.

Post-Football Career

After retiring from professional football, Coluna served as the manager of the Mozambican national team and later became the Minister of Sports in Mozambique. He has been the president of the Mozambican Football Federation since 1999, working towards developing and nurturing young talents in the country.

Despite facing challenges due to the war and its aftermath, Coluna remains determined to elevate Mozambique's football to the top of African football. He believes that the country has the potential to produce new football stars and focuses on their proper education and development.

In 2001, Coluna was joined by his former teammate Eusebio to support the Mozambican national team during a tournament match against South Africa. This display of friendship and support highlighted the deep bond between these two football legends and their shared commitment to Mozambican football.