Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller

American photographer
Date of Birth: 12.03.1968
Country: USA

Biography of Martin Schoeller

Martin Schoeller, an American photographer, is one of the most renowned contemporary portrait photographers. His works capture the faces of both celebrities and random passersby on the street with intricate details, often devoid of retouching. In his photographs, one can observe every wrinkle on Angelina Jolie's face and every strand of hair in George Clooney's beard. One of his most famous series is a collection of large portraits of celebrities, all taken under the same lighting conditions and with a similar background.

Schoeller's photographs have been featured in numerous publications, including "The New Yorker," "Outside Magazine," "Entertainment Weekly," "Rolling Stone," "Time," "GQ," "Esquire," and "Vogue." He became a staff photographer for "The New Yorker" in 1999. Schoeller, an American photographer of German descent, has received multiple professional awards and has authored four published photo books: "Close Up: Portraits 1998-2005" (2005), "Female Bodybuilders" (2008), "Martin Schoeller" (2009), and "Identical: Portraits of Twins" (2012).

Martin Schoeller was born on March 12, 1968, in Munich, Germany. He started pursuing photography at a young age and was heavily influenced by photography masters such as August Sander, Bernd Becher, and his wife Hilla Becher. Schoeller studied photography at the Lette-Verein Photographic School in Berlin, which was founded in 1890. His career began in Germany, and he only moved to New York in 1993. For the next three years, Schoeller worked as an assistant to Annie Leibovitz, where he developed the technique of close-up portrait photography that made him famous. He refers to these photographs as "big head" portraits. It was these photographs that brought him worldwide recognition. In 1996, he left Leibovitz and became a freelancer. His works soon appeared in the pages of the most famous and prestigious publications. In 1999, Schoeller became a staff photographer for "The New Yorker," sharing the position with another photography legend, Richard Avedon, who had been with the magazine since 1992.

Schoeller's portraits have been exhibited in various galleries over the years, and in 2005, his collection "Close Up: Portraits 1998-2005" was published by teNeues, featuring 75 portraits resulting from over 300 photoshoots of different celebrities. His works are also part of the permanent collection at the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery. Schoeller is known for his iconic photograph that graced the cover of "Time" magazine on May 21, 2012, accompanying a prominent article about parental attachment. In his latest book, "Identical: Portraits of Twins," he explores the unique characteristics of 40 pairs of identical twins through his distinctive style.

In 2000, Schoeller married Helen Rutman Schoeller, a graphic designer. They currently reside in Manhattan, New York.