Martyn Tovey

Martyn Tovey

British record holder of the Guinness Book of Records
Country: Great Britain

  1. Biography of Martin Toovey
  2. The Start of the Collection
  3. A Record-Breaking Collection
  4. The Recognition
  5. From the Editors

Biography of Martin Toovey

Martin Toovey, a British record holder and Guinness World Records collector, has become a world record holder himself and made it into the very publication he collects. Born in Somerset, England, Toovey, now 60 years old, has earned a place in the Guinness World Records book by amassing a total of 353 editions of the annual reference book from all over the world.

Martyn Tovey

The Start of the Collection

Toovey began collecting in 1968 when he won a copy of the Guinness World Records book as a prize at a school competition. From 1971 onwards, Toovey's mother would gift him the annual edition of the book every Christmas. The British collector revealed that he was able to locate earlier editions and added numerous special releases to his collection, including rare first editions signed by the co-founders of Guinness World Records, Norris and Ross McWhirter.

Martyn Tovey

A Record-Breaking Collection

With a total of 353 editions, Toovey has set a record in the unique category of "Largest Collection of Annual Guinness World Records Books." Additionally, his collection of 2,164 pieces of Guinness advertising memorabilia helped him secure second place among the most serious collectors of Guinness-related relics. This collection includes board games, spoons, and engraved glass items.

The Recognition

"It took many years and a lot of effort to gather my collection and gain recognition from Guinness World Records," said Toovey. "And that's what makes my achievement simply fantastic." Official representatives from Guinness World Records stated that Toovey has proven the value of the annual reference book, which celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2015.

From the Editors

Chief editor of the book, Craig Glenday, stated, "We have been following collector record holders for years. We have documented all sorts of records, from collectors of airline boarding passes to collectors of anything associated with zebras. But only this year, after meeting Martin, did we realize that we needed to open a category for the largest collection of Guinness World Records editions. Martin has dedicated himself so passionately to documenting our history that his incredible collection even surpasses the size of our own archives!"