Mieko Nagaoka

Mieko Nagaoka

Japanese, long-lived, athlete
Country: Japan

  1. Biography of Miako Nagaoka
  2. An Energetic Centenarian and Athlete
  3. A Lifelong Passion for Sports
  4. A Trailblazing Swimmer
  5. A Record-Breaking Athlete
  6. A Late Start in Swimming
  7. A Family Legacy
  8. Japan's Aging Population

Biography of Miako Nagaoka

An Energetic Centenarian and Athlete

At the age of 100, Miako Nagaoka, a Japanese woman, stands out for her energy and strength that can put many younger people to shame. Nagaoka not only leads an active lifestyle and engages in sports but also boasts a number of international records, some of which could potentially land her in the Guinness Book of World Records.

Mieko Nagaoka

A Lifelong Passion for Sports

Age is often a factor that prompts athletes to consider changing professions, even for those who have been successful. However, Nagaoka firmly believes that she will not give up competitive sports for now and plans to continue swimming for at least the next five years. What makes this statement remarkable is the fact that Nagaoka is already over 100 years old.

Mieko Nagaoka

A Trailblazing Swimmer

Nagaoka is well acquainted with the world of sports, especially swimming. Recently, she became the first person over the age of 100 to complete the 1500-meter freestyle in a 25-meter pool. Although Nagaoka had previously attempted this distance when she was 99 years old, her achievement at that time was not considered a record. Now, she has become the first person at such an advanced age to conquer this challenging feat.

A Record-Breaking Athlete

Nagaoka holds several other records as well. She achieved the best result in her age group for the 1500-meter distance in a 50-meter pool. Overall, Nagaoka has earned 24 prestigious titles in both short and long distances. Her latest swim, completed in one hour and 16 minutes, took place in Ehime, Shikoku, Japan, as part of special competitions for athletes in the age category of 100-104 years old. Interestingly, Nagaoka was the only participant in this age group.

A Late Start in Swimming

Nagaoka took up swimming relatively late in life, igniting her passion for the sport at the age of 82. Initially, she focused on swimming for its health benefits, as she suffered from knee problems and hoped that swimming would alleviate them. However, Nagaoka quickly realized her love for swimming and began training multiple times a week. Recognizing her exceptional results for her age, she started competing in swimming events around the world.

A Family Legacy

Nagaoka is not the only athlete in her family. Several talented professional swimmers can be found among her relatives. With a high probability, Nagaoka has already secured her place in the Guinness World Records. She hopes that her list of athletic achievements will continue to grow, declaring her intention to swim until the age of 105. Recently, Nagaoka released a book titled "I'm 100 years old and the world's best active swimmer."

Japan's Aging Population

Japan currently has a relatively high number of centenarians. As of 2014, there were more than 59,000 people in the country who had surpassed the milestone of 100 years. Sadly, the list was recently reduced by one, as Misao Okawa, once the world's oldest woman, passed away at the age of 117.