Mirka Knapkova

Mirka Knapkova

Sportswoman, rowing
Country: Czech

  1. Participation in the Beijing Olympics
  2. Becoming a Champion

Sportswoman, Academic rowing, Czech rower, Olympic champion, World champion

Miroslava Knapkova was born into a family of Miroslav Knapka, a famous Czechoslovak rower who participated in the Olympic Games in Montreal and Moscow. She dabbled in cross-country skiing and athletics in her childhood, but ultimately decided to pursue academic rowing. At the Athens Olympics, she finished fourth in the singles competition. A year later, she won her first medal at the World Championships, finishing second in Japan.

Participation in the Beijing Olympics

At the Beijing Olympics, Knapkova participated in two events. She finished fifth in the singles competition and sixth in the doubles, partnering with Zhitka Antosova. The next Olympic cycle proved to be more successful for the Czech rower.

Becoming a Champion

At the World Championships in Bled, Slovenia, Knapkova became a champion for the first time. She then went on to win the Olympic gold medal in the singles competition at the London Olympics. In recognition of her achievements in 2012, Knapkova was named Rower of the Year in her homeland and received the prestigious Jiri Guth-Jarkovsky Sports Award.