Mishel Aun

Mishel Aun

General, Member of Parliament
Country: Lebanon

  1. Biography of Michel Aoun
  2. Premier of the Transitional Military Government
  3. Emigration and Return to Lebanon
  4. Political Stand

Biography of Michel Aoun

Michel Aoun, a general and a parliament member, was born in 1935 in a modest Christian Maronite family in the southern suburb of Beirut. He completed his education at an artillery school and military courses in France and the United States. Fluent in English, French, Spanish, and Italian, Aoun became the commander of the armed forces in 1984, making him the youngest general in Lebanon's history to hold this position.

Premier of the Transitional Military Government

In September 1988, the outgoing President Amin Gemayel appointed Aoun as the Prime Minister of the Transitional Military Government. This appointment came as a result of the intense political standoff in Parliament, which was unable to elect a new head of state. However, Muslim and pro-Syrian leaders refused to recognize him and supported Prime Minister Selim Hoss.

Emigration and Return to Lebanon

Under pressure from Syria, General Aoun left Lebanon and emigrated to France in late 1990. He resided in Marseille during his time in exile. In 2005, following the withdrawal of Syrian forces, Aoun returned to Lebanon. In the same year, he was elected as a parliament member.

Political Stand

However, unexpectedly, Aoun refused to join the pro-Western coalition, accusing the government of corruption. In February 2006, he signed an agreement between the Free Patriotic Movement and the Hezbollah movement. Aoun is married and has three daughters.