Monika Hojnisz

Monika Hojnisz

Polish biathlete
Date of Birth: 27.08.1991
Country: Poland

  1. Monika Hojnisz - Polish Biathlete
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  3. Coached by Adam Kołodziejczyk

Monika Hojnisz - Polish Biathlete

Monika Hojnisz is a Polish biathlete who gained recognition as a bronze medalist in the 2013 World Championships in the mass start event. She made her debut in the national team at the 2007 World Championships and became a permanent member of the team in December 2010.


At the 2013 World Championships in Nove Mesto na Morave, Hojnisz clinched the bronze medal in the highly competitive mass start event. Her exceptional performance showcased her talent and potential in the sport. In 2014, she represented Poland at the Olympic Games in Sochi, where her best result was a fifth-place finish in the mass start event.

Apart from her success in major championships, Hojnisz has also secured medals in the European Championships, including a gold medal. She has also achieved noteworthy results in summer biathlon competitions, further solidifying her position as a skilled and versatile athlete.

Coached by Adam Kołodziejczyk

Throughout her career, Monika Hojnisz has been guided and mentored by her long-time coach, Adam Kołodziejczyk. Under his guidance, she has continuously honed her skills and developed into a formidable biathlete. Kołodziejczyk's expertise and strategic training methods have played a crucial role in Hojnisz's success and growth as an athlete.

Monika Hojnisz's dedication, perseverance, and talent have established her as one of the prominent figures in Polish biathlon. With her notable achievements and ongoing commitment to the sport, she continues to inspire and represent her country on the international stage.