Moses Sithole

Moses Sithole

South African serial killer
Date of Birth: 17.11.1964
Country: South Africa

Biography of Moses Sithole

Moses Sithole, a South African serial killer, gained infamy for his 'ABC Murders' spree. However, this does not mean that Sithole selected his victims based on the first letter of their names. It simply refers to the fact that he began his killing spree in Atteridgeville, continued in Boksburg, and concluded in Cleveland, a suburb of Johannesburg.

Early Life and Troubled Childhood
Moses Sithole was born on November 17, 1964, in a poor neighborhood in Boksburg, Gauteng province, during the era of apartheid in South Africa. When he was five years old, his father passed away, and his mother abandoned the family. Sithole spent the next three years in a children's home, where he endured cruel treatment, as he later revealed. He managed to escape to his mother, who then sent him back to the children's home. Eventually, he moved in with his older brother.

Criminal Activities
At the age of 20, Sithole began raping women, claiming that there were only three victims before charges were filed against him. He was sentenced to prison, where he experienced sexual assault from other inmates. Shortly after his release in 1994, Sithole embarked on a spree of brutal murders. He gained access to his victims by posing as a businessman and offering them job opportunities. He went as far as inventing a non-existent charity organization to deceive his victims. Once he gained their trust, Sithole would suggest going for a walk in the veld, the South African countryside, to supposedly reach the headquarters of his firm. When the victim was far enough away from anyone who could hear or see them, Moses would attack, rape, and ultimately strangle them.

Capture and Conviction
By 1995, Sithole claimed to have killed more than 30 people, creating nationwide panic. In August of that year, he was identified as the person seen with one of his victims. The police soon uncovered details of his pseudo-business and discovered his prior conviction for rape. In a state of panic, Sithole intended to flee but first called journalist Tamsen de Beer and confessed to being a murderer. The third call to Beer allowed the police to trace his location, but they were unable to arrive in time, and Sithole escaped.

However, he later contacted one of his relatives and arranged a meeting to acquire a firearm with their help. The relative informed the police, and when Sithole realized he was walking into a trap, he attempted to flee. The police shot him twice when he charged at them with an axe, injuring him before he was apprehended. Eventually, he confessed to the murders.

Legal Consequences
On December 5, 1997, Sithole was sentenced to 50 years in prison for each of the 38 murders, 12 years for each of the 40 rapes, and 5 years for each of the 6 robberies, totaling 2410 years. Judge David Carstairs ruled that Sithole must serve a minimum of 930 years before being eligible for parole. If, by some miracle, humanity attains immortality, Sithole would be eligible for release in the year 2927.

Imprisonment and Health Issues
Sithole was placed in the C-Max section of the maximum-security Pretoria Central Prison, where it was discovered upon his arrival that he was HIV-positive. While behind bars, Sithole is entitled to medical assistance under the law, while his sick wife and child died from the virus. This is due to the fact that law-abiding citizens cannot claim any medical insurance coverage until the age of 65.