Ned Collette

Ned Collette

Australian singer and songwriter
Date of Birth: 06.09.1979
Country: Australia

  1. Biography of Ned Collette
  2. Early Life and Influences
  3. Exploring Different Musical Endeavors
  4. Early Music Career
  5. The Ned Collette Band and Continued Success
  6. European Tour and Solo Performances
  7. Continued Music Career

Biography of Ned Collette

Early Life and Influences

Ned Collette, an Australian singer and songwriter, was born in Melbourne. His mother, Susan Hancock, was a professor at La Trobe University and also published two books. His father, Adrian Collette, had a passion for music and was an opera baritone and later a director at the Australian Opera. Ned's maternal grandmother is the cousin of the renowned Canadian writer Michael Ondaatje. Growing up in a family of academics and artists, Ned was exposed to literature, music, and the arts from a young age.

Ned Collette

Exploring Different Musical Endeavors

Ned Collette spent a significant amount of time experimenting with various aspects of the musical arts. In 2001, he graduated with honors from the Victorian College of the Arts. He worked with string quartets, composed his own melodies, and performed at smaller concerts. During this period, Ned also began collecting materials for his debut album, 'Jokes & Trials.'

Ned Collette

Early Music Career

Ned Collette initially pursued a solo career and did not want to form a band. He played and sang all the musical and vocal parts on his compositions. His musical style was influenced by artists like Leonard Cohen, Robert Wyatt, and Charlyn 'Cat Power' Marshall. 'Jokes & Trials' was released on July 29, 2006, and received favorable reviews from listeners. Ned's unique style incorporated complex guitar combinations and intricate layering of instrumental parts.

The Ned Collette Band and Continued Success

In 2007, Ned Collette formed a new musical collective called the 'Ned Collette Band' with bassist Ben Bourke and drummer Joe Talia, his former bandmates from 'City City City.' They embarked on a series of concerts to promote their second album, 'Future Suture,' released on September 29, 2007, under the 'Dot Dash' label. The album was well-received by audiences and critics alike, earning the title of 'Album of the Week' from the popular Australian radio station 3RRR.

European Tour and Solo Performances

In October 2008, Ned Collette and his band embarked on a European tour, performing in various countries including the UK, France, Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Poland, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. After the tour, Ned continued to perform solo, with a series of concerts taking place in January 2009. In March 2009, the band was renamed 'Ned Collette & Wirewalker' in honor of Philippe Petit and his team, known for their high-wire act 'Man on Wire.' The lineup remained unchanged.

Continued Music Career

Under the new name, 'Ned Collette & Wirewalker,' the group debuted their third album on October 23, 2009. Ned and his friends performed the first concert under the new name at The Thornbury Theatre in Melbourne. In 2010, the band returned to Europe for another tour, showcasing their musical talents to new audiences. Ned Collette's unique style and poetic lyrics continue to captivate listeners, establishing him as a respected figure in the Australian music industry.