Nikolay Oleshko

Nikolay Oleshko

Head of the FSB Investigation Department
Date of Birth: 03.06.1949
Country: Russia

  1. Biography of Nikolai Oleshko
  2. Leadership of the "Spy" Department
  3. Impact and Achievements
  4. Appointment as Head of the Investigative Department

Biography of Nikolai Oleshko

Nikolai Alexeevich Oleshko is a career intelligence officer who has made significant contributions to the field of investigation. He graduated from the Higher School of the KGB and served in the Investigative Department of the KGB of the USSR. In the early 90s, he became the head of the investigative department of the Special Departments Directorate of the Soviet forces in Germany. Upon returning to Moscow, Oleshko became the head of the newly revived 1st, commonly known as the "spy" department.

Leadership of the "Spy" Department

During his tenure as the leader of the "spy" department, Oleshko accomplished many notable investigations. One of the high-profile cases he headed was the investigation of the American Edmond Pope, Professor Bauman University Babkin, and diplomat Moiseev. Valentin Moiseev, the diplomat who was imprisoned for espionage for 4.5 years, described his first meeting with Oleshko in his book "How I Was a 'South Korean Spy'": "The burly man in his fifties who met me there pretended to be kindness, smiling widely. At that time, I did not yet know that Oleshko was famous for his work in the Western Group of Forces as a master of fabricating spy cases, which ensured his promotion despite the fact that those accused by him were rehabilitated after 20 years."

Impact and Achievements

Oleshko's influence has extended beyond the walls of the Lefortovo prison. He has successfully spearheaded the restructuring of the investigation system for spy cases throughout the country. Under his leadership, investigative departments were established in all local offices of the FSB, creating a complex and extensive system. Oleshko convinced the FSB management to transfer control over spy cases from the 4th department to the 1st - the "spy" department - significantly elevating its importance and the entire thematic work of the Investigative Department. Even as the Deputy Head of the Department, Oleshko continued to oversee his beloved department.

Appointment as Head of the Investigative Department

In December 2004, Nikolai Oleshko was appointed as the head of the Investigative Department of the FSB, a position that further solidified his role as a leader in the field of intelligence and investigation. Under his guidance, the department has continued to operate with efficiency and effectiveness, ensuring the security and protection of the nation.

Overall, Nikolai Oleshko's career as a high-ranking FSB officer and his accomplishments in the field of investigation have earned him a reputation as a skilled and influential figure in the intelligence community. His dedication to his work and his ability to navigate complex investigations have made him a respected leader within the FSB.